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"Out of the Woods": Somewhere up in Canada, a truck carrying a mysterious female passenger was on it's way to Fabletown. the passenger can't believe all the amazing technology the Mundy world holds, as the driver tells her all about the television, radio, and telephones. Suddenly

Quote1.png Hello. My name is Red Riding Hood and I've recently escaped from the Empire. I formally request sanctuary in Fabletown. Quote2.png
Baba Yaga

Fables #19 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2004. It was published on November 12, 2003.

Synopsis for "Out of the Woods"

Somewhere up in Canada, a truck carrying a mysterious female passenger was on it's way to Fabletown. the passenger can't believe all the amazing technology the Mundy world holds, as the driver tells her all about the television, radio, and telephones. Suddenly, a car sideswipes them into a large snowdrift. The truck is stuck, and out of the car comes a small group of goblins. The driver and his son pull out a baseball bat and pickaxe, ready to beat down the beasts like they used to back in the day...

Snow White rises from her bed after hearing a familiar voice in her apartment. Colin the Pig, or at least his head on a stick, appears to her. He warns that bad things are coming for Fabletown, and possibly the Mundys too if she's unable to stop it. He apologizes for being so cryptic, but that's all he really knows. Then he disappears, asking Snow to remember what he just told her when she wakes up. Seconds later, Snow awakens in her bed, not quite sure what just happened.

Meanwhile, in Bluebeard's apartment, Boy Blue has been helping King Cole spend every waking hour cataloguing all of the gold and jewels Bluebeard left behind. Bigby Wolf suddenly bursts in demanding to speak with the mayor, King Cole, not happy about the way the old man had been dodging him for so many weeks. Reluctantly, King Cole agrees to spend a few moments to talk.

Flycatcher let himself into the business office to clean. He approaches the Magic Mirror and asks it if it's found his wife yet. The mirror replies that she is still somewhere beyond where it's magic can see, but it reassures Fly that it'll keep looking every day.

In his office, Bigby confronts Mayor Cole about letting Prince Charming get away with the murder of Bluebeard. Cole argues that a trial was indeed held, but there was insufficient evidence to prove that Charming wasn't acting in self defense. Bigby growled that he was building a case against Bluebeard, that he was going to get him legally. King Cole reminds Bigby that he's been saying that for years now. All Charming did was save him some time, he just needs to accept it and move on.

Snow White is getting her check-up at the Knights of Malta hospital. Doctor Swineheart notes that her pregnancy is moving along fine. Snow disagrees, moaning that her reputation as a respected figure in Fabletown could be irreparably damaged. Doctor Swineheart mentions that if she was so unhappy with her pregnancy, there were alternatives if she so desired, it being the 21st century. Snow stops him right there, threatening that if he wants to continue being a part of Fabletown he would never bring that kind of thing up again. Tiredly she exits the hospital, walking with her cane back to the Woodlands.

Prince Charming and Hobbes are confronted by Bigby outside the Woodland apartment building. He tells Prince Charming that his machinations with the mayor have made him safe from justice for the moment, Hobbes was still very much indictable for being an accessory to the conspiracy around Bluebeard's murder. Charming interrupts, stating that he's already given Hobbes blanket amnesty in return for his invaluable help in exposing his former master's wrongdoings. Bigby points out that he's not authorized to do that, to which Prince Charming responds that he's about to be. He takes his leave of Bigby then, explaining that he and Hobbes have five hundred signatures to collect. Snow White arrives at the Apartments just as Charming and Hobbes leave. Bigby intercepts her, saying they needed to talk. While he's been keeping his distance for the most part out of respect, he tells her that she can't cut him out entirely. Like it or not, he was the father of the cub growing inside her, and he deserved a say in whatever plans she makes. Snow is forced to agree, but she still asks for another day or two at most for her to be ready to talk. The topic is dropped for the moment, and Bigby then switches to official matters. Walking her to the office, he asks Snow why Prince Charming would need five hundred signatures. Snow suddenly stops in her tracks as a thought hits her. She starts muttering to herself, not believing that Charming would really do it... Bigby asks what she's talking about, following behind as she quickens her pace towards the business office. Snow asks Bufkin to fetch her the volume on Fabletown's election rules. Bufkin replies that Hobbes already checked it out some days ago, confirming Snow White's fears. She turns to Bigby, explaining that while it's never actually happened before, a special election can be called for if five hundred Fables sign for it. Prince Charming is most likely trying to run for mayor of Fabletown!

Red Riding Hood?

Days pass, and a meeting is called between Bigby, Snow White, and King Cole, who is hurt at the thought of someone wanting to replace him. Hadn't he done a good job? Trusty John interrupts the meeting, poking his head in to say there was a commotion outside that they needed to see. They follow John, wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

After opening the front door of the building, they are greeted by a young red-haired woman. She introduces herself as Red Riding Hood, claiming she just recently escaped the Adversary, and is seeking asylum in Fabletown...

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