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"Road Trip": As a way of re-connecting with her estranged sister, Snow White decides to bring Rose Red along on her annual trip to The Farm, where the non-human Fables live. She leaves Bigby in charge of [[Jack Horner (Fab

Quote1.png Until you work off your punishment, Jack, you belong to us, body and soul. Don't even try testing it, or dark judgment will come down on you like the wrath of God Almighty. Quote2.png
Snow White

Fables #6 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2002. It was published on October 9, 2002.

Synopsis for "Road Trip"

As a way of re-connecting with her estranged sister, Snow White decides to bring Rose Red along on her annual trip to The Farm, where the non-human Fables live. She leaves Bigby in charge of Jack, who is stuck doing janitorial duties at the Woodlands for his part in helping Rose fake her own death. Rose finally appears, though she bemoans having to go anywhere with her sister. Snow firmly reminds her that she could make Rose's punishment whatever she thinks it should be, and besides, she was hoping they could repair their fragmented relationship with some quality time. They leave in Snow White's rusty old pickup truck, with Colin the pig tied securely in the back, complaining the whole way.

They're forced to stop on an old country road when the truck's engine starts to smoke. As they wait for the radiator to cool, Rose impatiently wonders when they're supposed to make it to the Farm. Snow explains that they have actually been driving on the Farmland for twenty miles now, the territory is far removed to keep any prying eyes away, and the Mundane never pay much attention due to all the distraction spells set into place. As she speaks, Snow spots something lying on the grass near the road. She grows curious when it turns out to be a pile of spent brass casings...bullet shells. Mundys don't come here to hunt, and if there were shots fired, someone would have called the Fabletown Office, but Snow never heard anything from anyone. So where did the shells come from? The main residential area of the Farm at first glance appears completely deserted. Voices are heard inside the barn and when Snow pushes open the big brown doors, she finds a group of animals and creatures congregating inside with Dun, eldest of the three little pigs, conducting a meeting. All are surprised when she enters, not expecting her so early in the season. Suspicious, Snow asks if this is a town meeting. Dun replies that it is, and motions to adjourn for now so they can see to their guests.

Taking Colin home, Snow and Rose spend some time in the pigs house, Dun and Posey answering questions about what they just saw. Dun says plainly that they were having a meeting about returning to the Homelands and taking it back from the Adversary, by force if necessary. Snow doesn't understand why'd they take such a foolish risk, but quite simply Dun explains they're tired of living on the Farm where they aren't allowed to leave, and would rather fight back than continue hiding. However, they assure Snow that no real plans have been made yet, which eases Snow's mind some. Before leaving, Snow asks what happened to their leader, Weyland Smith, and why he wasn't conducting the meeting as usual. Posey says he resigned suddenly.

Behind the closed door, Posey wonders if Snow believed them when they said that there hadn't been any plans laid down yet. Dun replies that without evidence, there's nothing she can do about it either way.

In the guestroom, Snow tries to remind her sister of when they were children, and made a pact to remain best friends. Rose then reminds Snow of how she "ditched her" shortly after that for a better life at a far-off castle. Snow tries explaining, but Rose won't listen. While she closes the curtains, something outside catches Snow's eye, and she calls for Rose.

The two sisters stare in horror as, in front of the guesthouse and lit up by the truck's headlights, is Colin's head stuck on the end of a wooden pole.

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  • This issue is reprinted in Fables: Animal Farm.
  • First actual appearance of the The Farm.

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