"Animal Farm, Part Two: The Guns of Fabletown": Colin the Pig is dead, his decapitated head stuck on a pole, and his body nowhere to be found. Snow White and Rose Red can only watch as the Farm community helps take the head down. Dun leads Snow away from the grisly scene to talk

Quote1.png Don't you get it yet? After all my doctrinal lectures? When one of us is enslaved, all of us are. Quote2.png

Fables #7 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2003. It was published on November 13, 2002.

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Synopsis for "Animal Farm, Part Two: The Guns of Fabletown"

Colin the Pig is dead, his decapitated head stuck on a pole, and his body nowhere to be found. Snow White and Rose Red can only watch as the Farm community helps take the head down. Dun leads Snow away from the grisly scene to talk, claiming he had no idea what could've happened. Colin had wandered off again after the girls left last night, and never returned. Snow tries to ask about Weyland again, but Dun just repeats that he resigned. Posey, meanwhile, takes the time to talk to Rose, who seemed sympathetic to their plight before. Rose admits she understands why they'd want to take back the Homelands, though she points out that in this case her sister is right. A few farmyard animals and the odd giant, troll, and beast wouldn't stand much of a chance against the Adversary's mighty legion. Posey confides that they have, in fact, come up with something of a solution, and beckons Rose to follow him to see something "really cool".

In a wooded area of the Farmlands, Papa and Mama of the Three Bears, along with Goldilocks, dump Colin's body into a freshly dug hole. Boo Bear shows up with Colin's head moments later and dumps it in as well. Mama is unsure that removing Colin's head was really necessary. Goldilocks tells her it had to be done, as a sign to everyone that the revolution has begun and their enslavement at the Farm is at an end. Mama reminds her that she is human, and isn't stuck living on the Farm like they are. Goldilocks insists that she would never leave while her fellow Fables are "enslaved", stating that their cause is also her cause. Suddenly, Reynard the Fox speaks up from behind them. Being against the revolution idea, Reynard mockingly reminds them that Colin was on their side, and the plan was bound to fall apart if they kept killing their own. He is immediately face-to-face with the barrel of a gun as Goldilocks remarks that Colin was a weak link, and like him, Reynard now knows too much. Goldilocks is about to pull the trigger when Papa Bear holds her back, exclaiming that people would hear if she fired the shot. Reynard uses the delay as his chance to escape.

At the same time, in a cavern, Rose Red is astonished at what Posey has shown her. The cave is packed wall-to-wall with guns and ammunition, enough to supply to the entire Farm.

Back in New York, Boy Blue calls Bigby to the Business Office when the Forsworn Knight begins to prophecize a war between north and south and two sisters fighting against one-another. Bigby believes the Knight refers to the Civil War, and combined with the fact that Snow White and Rose Red have been fighting each other for years, the prophecy is a little late. But the Forsworn Knight is not referring to the past...

Rose re-enters the guestroom that night to find Snow looking for her keys. She was going to drive out to find a phone, since the local one isn't working. Rose flat-out tells Snow she is being naive. The phone lines were cut and the truck keys were stolen to prevent her from leaving. They didn't want her going for help. Snow wants to know just what she is talking about. Rose decides it's better if Snow remains ignorant, as the less she knows the safer she'll be. She then heads back out, telling Snow that she'll be gone for a few days and suggests not to look for her.

Reynard is being hunted. Goldilocks has sent out the best the Farm has to offer. He comes across Bagheera and Shere Khan in the woods, quickly backtracking to dodge their notice. But Bagheera cuts him off seconds later, chasing him back and over Shere Khan's back, causing an unpleasant collision between the tiger and panther. Reynard smirks as the two fight each other.

Snow White sits in her room, pondering the events that have transpired with the whole farm acting crazy. Suddenly, she hears a tapping and sees Reynard outside her window. She lets him inside and he frantically tells her to come with him, adding not to pack anything so it'll look like she's coming back.


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  • It's discovered in this issue that Bigby Wolf is not allowed by law to step one foot on the Farm. He must have made quite a few enemies back in the hunting days.
  • Goldilocks hints that she's in a relationship with Boo Bear to promote equality among species, not just because his bed is "just right".

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