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"The Pirates of Upstate New York": In the cave where the weapon and ammo supplies are stocked, Rose Red prepares for war. Grabbing two guns and a sword, Rose proclaims to Dun that she's ready.

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Shere Khan

Fables #8 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2003. It was published on December 18, 2002.

Synopsis for "The Pirates of Upstate New York"

In the cave where the weapon and ammo supplies are stocked, Rose Red prepares for war. Grabbing two guns and a sword, Rose proclaims to Dun that she's ready.

Early morning sunrise brings the hunting party back together to admit defeat. Reynard had given them the slip, and he may have sent for help by now. Goldilocks tells them that's impossible, all outside communications have been severed and the only ones who could possibly stop them now are living in the city. Just to ensure that Reynard doesn't send out any messengers, Goldilocks sends out her own predatory team of flyers to patrol the edges of the Farm's territory, keeping everything in.

Reynard has been leading Snow White deeper into Farm country, trying to remain undetected whenever possible. He beckons her to follow as he heads into an open field. They stop when Reynard finds what he is looking for. On the ground is an old war helmet, modified with a gun attached to the top. It was made for use by non-humanoid Fables, explains Reynard. He tells Snow that their journey would be safer if she were "packing heat" and tells her to take the weapon. Then he pauses, sniffing the air. He quickly instructs Snow to keep travelling over the mountain and beyond the valley of the sleepers to the hills beyond, until she finds a cave.

Shere Khan charges through the grasses straight towards Snow White. Reynard tells her to run, jumping up and chomping the tiger lords tail between his teeth to gain his attention. Snow dashes for the rocky cliff-face and begins climbing.

Death of Cock Robin

Cock Robin is flying into the Farmlands when he is ambushed by an owl and killed. This alerts Boy Blue back at the Woodland building, who had a charm placed on Cock Robin earlier after the Forsworn Knight's prophecy. He rushes to Bigby's office to tell him that Cock Robin's been killed while delivering a message. Combined with the phones being out, Bigby is convinced something rotten is going on and vows to help Boy Blue round up a posse, since he himself is forbidden from entering the Farm.

Snow comes across the gripping sight of Giant Valley, where three giants and a dragon sleep in a deep enchanted trance. Behind her, Shere Khan climbs after the scent. Reynard's distraction only bought her a few minutes at best. Grabbing the gun helmet, Snow waits for Khan to reach the ledge she is on, then bashes him in the head, causing him to fall. She fumbles with the gun while Shere Khan starts climbing back up, angrily cursing her name. Snow manages to find the trigger and points the gun directly at Khan just as he makes it back up. He begs for mercy, but receives none as Snow fires five rounds into the beast's hide. Shere Khan falls to his death, Snow tosses the weapon away and breaks down.

Snow cries until nightfall, finally pulling herself together and continuing onward. The cave Reynard told her about is finally in sight. Inside, Snow gasps at the sight of Weyland Smith himself, chained to the floor forging weapons for the revolutionists. She is also shocked to see Rose Red waiting for her, accompanied by Goldilocks, Dun, and Posey. Rose points her gun at her sister's head, telling her she is under arrest for crimes against Fablekind.

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