Quote1.png These humans around us...wearing such colorful attire...every one of them...is trying to...escape their proper realm...to become something higher. But those of their realm are...unworthy of such power. And that is why they, too...must die. Quote2.png
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Sorcerer Monk Fahai was an enemy of the Wonder-Woman of China.

Born a normal turtle centuries ago, Fahai shared his home in a pond with two female snakes, a white snake and a green one. Secretly infatuated with the white snake, Fahai overheard her and her sister discussing gathering their qi to ascend from the world of animals and take on human form, for White Snake had fallen in love with a human boy. Fahai reprimanded the two snakes, for such a plan goes against the very order of the universe, but they dismissed him and continued their training. Eventually, the pair succeeded and transformed themselves into two beautiful maidens, allowing White Snake to easily approach and win the heart of her love. Enraged at these actions, Fahai began to gather his OWN qi, eventually taking the shape of a sorcerer monk and attacking White Snake and her betrothed on the very day of their wedding. Green Snake moved to protect her sister and engaged Fahai in a fierce battle of magic and martial skill. Fahai used his magic to curse Green Snake, transforming her into a statue. Unfortunately, Green Snake was able to reflect the curse back onto Fahai as he fell into the ocean, leaving him trapped in stone on the ocean floor for hundreds of years, leaving their story to become nothing more than a fairy tale.





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