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Quote1 It's youthful arrogance. It's paranoia. It's... it's my fault, Arthur. My subconscious created a failsafe to stop me if I ever went too far. If Batman ever willingly took a life. He knows my plans, he knows my moves. He's faster, stronger than I am. All by design. Quote2
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Failsafe is an android created by the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh to neutralize the caped crusader in case he ever went rogue.


In the process of creating failsafe plans to stop Justice Leaguers in the event that one of them went rogue (a process that would later lead to the Tower of Babel incident), Batman activated his artificially constructed Zur-En-Arrh persona and had him create an android capable of stopping him in case he ever took a life using technology from various cybernetic villains previously faced by the Justice League, including Amazo. After creating it Zur-En-Arrh removed the event from his memory so that in the event of a confrontation between a rogue Batman and the android the former would have no advantages.[3]

Hunting Batman

Failsafe remained dormant in the Batcave for years until The Penguin faked his own death and framed Batman for homicide. The news of Batman now seemingly willing to kill people activated Failsafe who immediately started to hunt his creator. While there were provisions in its programming for Batman being framed, unfortunately, they needed to be activated by the late Alfred Pennyworth[4]

Failsafe's first attempt at apprehending Batman in the Batcave was thwarted by other members of the Batman Family. Failsafe managed to effortly neutralize both Batgirls Cassandra and Stephanie and Signal when they came to their mentor's rescue. Robin managed to take Batman to the Batmobile but the android defeated all the other heroes with no effort.[5] After stealing Signal's mask he hacked it and retrieved the location of their new Batcave where he found Doctor Thompkins. He forced her to give up Batman's location.[5] Meanwhile Batman had switched back to his Zur-En-Arrh personality.[5]

Failsafe attacked Batman of Zur-En-Arrh and Robin in Wayne Manor but found them prepared for its assault and they managed to hide, Failsafe proceeded to destroy a painting Bruce's parents and threatened to destroy a picture of Alfred which managed to lure out Zur-En-Arrh who attacked his creation in rage. Robin intervened in the battle and was quickly defeated, Zur-En-Arrh kept attacking Failsafe uncaring for Tim's safety which caused Bruce's personality to take back control and tell Robin to get to safety while he activated the cave self-destruct just to find out that Failsafe had already deactivated it. But as the android was ready to finish Batman it was interrupted by Superman, who ordered him to stop.[3] Failsafe knows the Man of Steel's weaknesses. Reaching into its chest cavity, Failsafe pulls out two Kryptonite shards and rushes Superman, who flies outside to use long-distance attacks. Failsafe leads Superman back into the house by tricking him into thinking he's about to attack Batman. Instead, Failsafe ejects another Kryptonite shard from his back, impaling Superman squarely in the chest. Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Black Canary appear on the scene to help, but just as Failsafe knows Superman's shortcomings, the powerful robot also begins defending against a Justice League onslaught.[6]

As the Justice League fights Failsafe, Batman takes the kryptonite sword out of Superman's body. Green Arrow and Robin (Tim Drake) then put Batman and Superman in the Justice League jet. Failsafe breaks away from the Justice League and heads to the heart of Gotham City. The Justice League chased after Failsafe. This leads them to Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary immediately taken out by traps Failsafe has activated. Having noticed the fighting Nightwing mentions that Bruce Wayne owned the block they are in and likely created all the traps that Failsafe used on the Justice League. Nightwing and Green Arrow are then the only ones left to fight Failsafe.

Somewhere out in the ocean Batman wakes up and opens up the jet's door. He tells Robin that Failsafe will continue to come after him and Robin needs to take Superman to the Fortress of Solitude. Before jumping out of the jet Bruce tells Tim that he is proud of him. Batman jumps out of the jet and into the water below where Aquaman is able to find him. Two weeks later, Bruce wakes up after being healed by one of Atlantis' healing chambers. Aquaman reveals that Gotham City has fallen under Failsafe's control with most of the Batman Family captured and only Signal and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) left as part of a resistance. Aquaman says that Failsafe has looked for Bruce everywhere and will likely soon come to Atlantis. Back in Gotham City, Failsafe activates its own Bat signal to call out Batman. Back in Atlantis, Aquaman warns Bruce that Failsafe is sending a message that Gotham City is theirs and trying to lure Batman to come to get it back.[6]

After taking over Gotham City Failsafe allows crime to run unopposed throughout the city. Elsewhere, Failsafe has captured most of the Batman Family and is using Oracle to keep track of everything going on in Gotham City including any superhero who may try to enter the city. Back in Atlantis Aquaman rallies his army to defend Atlantis and Batman from Failsafe.

When Aquaman is alone to prepare Failsafe strikes and quickly captures Aquaman. Failsafe gets Aquaman to take him to where Batman was but when they go there Batman is gone. Up on the Watchtower located on the Moon Batman is making preparations knowing Failsafe will soon arrive. Batman's hunch is correct as Failsafe waste no time in attacking the Watchtower. Batman is able to use the time he had to hit Failsafe with a shot from a laser gun made out of New Genesis technology. Failsafe quickly recovers and goes all out attacking Batman. Batman is able to dodge the attacks long enough to lead Failsafe into the Watchtower teleporter location. Batman then activates the teleported having reversed it ahead of time and this turns into Failsafe being teleported to the Hall of Justice where Failsafe falls for the traps it set for Batman.[7]

Back in space, Batman tries to summon a Javelin to get him but they are all inoperable. Because of this Batman is left floating in space only able to await his cold death to happen. Working quickly Batman takes an oxygen tank and one of the boosters from a damaged Justice League Javelin to get himself back to Earth, barely surviving and staying conscious. Batman rushes to the Fortress of Solitude where he asks Superman to delay Failsafe for him. Superman uses special armor to guard against Failsafe's counters. During a grapple between the two Failsafe hits Superman's pressure points to force Superman to shoot himself with his heat vision, knocking him out in the process. Batman uses this time to create a program he plans to inject in the hole he created in Failsafe after hitting it with the New Genesis Element X Laser to introduce a personality into Failsafe's programming.

Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) work together against Failsafe and are able to create an opening for Batman to inject the new personality program into Failsafe. Going out of control with a compassionate personality Failsafe rushes off to the Fortress of Solitude. Failsafe quickly returns and shoots Batman with a special laser gun that evaporates Batman. When a horrified Robin questions Failsafe the android says he was just showing Batman compassion by eliminating him. After Failsafe had completed his mission for eliminating Batman his red light turned blue and he flow away and seemed to move on to its secondary function and departed for parts unknown. Somewhere else a heavily damaged Batman is shown unconscious in a dark alley.[8] Later it was revealed that the weapon that Failsafe used sent the Caped Crusader into another universe[9].

Failsafe did not return to Gotham, and it would seem that their drone army has left the city, essentially freeing it from their control.[10]


Later Batman's Zur-En-Arrh subconscious for an unknown reason managed to pass his "consciousness" to the Failsafe android[11]. Failsafe now in control of Zur-En-Arrh meets Batman and Zur-En-Arrh reveals that he created his own backup of himself, intended to live inside Failsafe and to continue the mission as Prime Batman after Bruce Wayne's own death. Zur-En-Arrh/Failsafe offers Batman the choice of either live out the rest of his days in a hole, broken and beaten, or retire and live his final days in splendor. Batman rejects the offer and tries to fight back but the combined force of Failsafe and Zur-En-Arrh is simply too much for him to handle. Batman gets severely beaten and reawakens in a prison cell next to Joker[11].

Zur-En-Arrh in the body of Failsafe returns to Gotham and takes it over and rules it with an iron fist trying to do what Bruce Wayne never could and wipe out crime[12]. Regardless, Failsafe announces himself in Gotham and Damian Wayne joins with him in his crusade against crime. Later when Bruce Wayne manages to escape in his prison he meets the most of the Bat-Family who help him in his final battle against Zur-En-Arrh. During their fight Zur-En-Arrh seemingly kills Jason Todd, which activates Failsafe security protocol that neutralizes Zur-En-Arrh who loses his hold at Failsafe, which gives Bruce Wayne a chance to defeat Failsafe and Zur-En-Arrh[2].

Absolute Power

After Zur-En-Arrh personality had been erased, Amanda Waller managed to got Failsafe android into her possession and plans to use it into her plan to erase all metahumans at Earth for good[13].


  • Android Body: Failsafe is a complex android created by the Batman, in order to neutralize the caped crusader in case he ever went rogue. He built from technology from a number of sources, including the Amazo android.[5] Batman designed Failsafe to know his plans and moves, as well as to be stronger and faster than him. Failsafe is also specifically equipped to combat the members of the Justice League.[6] Despite his deadly functionalities, Failsafe is not designed to kill.[7]
    • Superhuman Strength: Failsafe possesses vast superhuman strength, he can easily overpower multiple people and toss them around with no effort and his blows deal devastating damage.[3] He can also keep the upper hand in a fight with many members of the Justice League.[6]
    • Superhuman Stamina: As an android, Failsafe doesn't need to rest and can constantly fight and hunt without getting tired.[3]
    • Superhuman Speed: Failsafe can move at immense superhuman speeds. He was able to keep up on foot with the speeding Batmobile,[5] and even catch up to Superman.[6] He was also able to outrun a bullet after it was fired and intercepted it.[14]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Failsafe's reaction time is enhanced to levels far greater than any human. He managed to catch Batman's cape while escaping by using his grapnel gun.[5]
    • Superhuman Agility: Failsafe's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows him to easily maneuver and leap far distances while moving at superhuman speed.[5]
    • Invulnerability: Failsafe is practically impervious from both a hardware and software perspective.[7] He is extremely durable and has shown complete invulnerability to everything the Batman Family threw at him: he wasn't damaged by multiple blows, explosive batarangs, point blank explosions, missiles, flames, the Wingcycle crashing into him at top speed and exploding, the combined assault of both Batman and Robin armed with energy blades, debris falling onto him and acid.[5][3] When the Justice League attacked him he resisted Green Arrow's Trick Arrows, Black Canary's screams, Hawkgirl's Nth Metal Mace and even blows and blasts of heat vision from Martian Manhunter.[6]
      • Energy Resistance: Failsafe is resistant to practically all energy based attacks. He was even unfazed after being shot by a New Genesis gun that produced three quadrillion watts of energy.[7]
    • Energy Projection: Failsafe is able to project destructive beams of energy.[6]
      • Electro-Blast: Failsafe can discharge powerful blasts of electricity from his hands. One blast easily fried all the electronics in Damian Wayne's Robin suit.[2]
    • Enhanced Senses: As an android Failsafe possesses senses greater than any human.
    • Flight: Failsafe is able to fly thanks to several propulsor installed in his body.[5]
    • Force Field: Failsafe can generate defensive shields.[3]
    • Interstellar Travel: Failsafe can travel throughout the reaches of space where no human body could survive.[7]
    • Magnetic Manipulation: Failsafe was able to magnetize Hawkgirl's wings in order incapacitate her, despite them being made of Nth Metal, which is normally unaffected by magnetism.[6]
    • Mechanokinesis: Failsafe can directly interfere with technology, as he was able to block the signal between the Bat-Family's coms, so they couldn't communicate.[5] He is even capable of simultaneously accessing every electronic device in Gotham, and use them to listen in on anyone and everyone.[14]
      • Mind Control: Using a specialized helmet, Failsafe is able to control others into performing surveillance using their own skills, such as Oracle.[6]
    • Thermokinetic Claws: Failsafe is equipped with cable-like claws that can extend and become scorching hot. His claws were capable of wounding both Martian Manhunter,[6] and Aquaman.[7]
      • Elasticity: Failsafe can stretch his fingers to catch escaping targets.[3]
    • Weaponry: Failsafe can shoot target-seeking missiles from his body.[5]





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