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Faith was a telepathic member of the Justice League of America, drafted as part of the "contingency League" during the Obsidian Age.

Justice League of America

Faith was formerly a member of a government special ops team, where she was nicknamed by her teammates "the Fat Lady", a reference to the line, "its not over until the fat lady sings". When Faith was required in the combat zone, it truly was over. She was recruited by Batman as was a substitution for the Justice League when the main members were transported thousands of years into the past.[1] Of the numerous heroes to serve on the Justice League, Batman chose her along with Green Arrow, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Jason Blood, Major Disaster, and the Atom to replace the original members in a short tenure with Nightwing as the new leader.

The new Justice League confronted Gamemnae and eventually defeated her with the help of the original Justice League. Faith remained with the Justice League until she was bitten by vampires.

She revealed to Major Disaster that she was raised by the military and has worked with the black-ops group. The U.S. military continued to try to capture her and use her as a weapon.

Doom Patrol

She also served in the short reincarnation of Doom Patrol.

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  • Telepathy: Faith has the ability to read the minds of others and project thoughts. By doing so she can keep telepathic communication between multiple teammates.
    • Calming Aura: Batman has long noted her ability to create an aura of trust and confidence within the people around her, allowing a group to work together easily.
  • Telekinesis: Faith has the ability to move objects with her mind and project her thoughts as physical attacks. She has been seen raising entire skyscrapers when needed and she once destroyed an entire fleet of alien spaceships.


  • She has Latin heritage.[3]



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