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False Memory was a superhero persona that belonged to an ally of the Doom Patrol.

The being that would become know as False Memory was originally part of a race of beings called the 'cleaners' who cleaned the karma away from the recently deceased so that they could pass on to a new life. In an accident, the cleaner became doused in the memories of superhero fans which resulted in giving the cleaner several different superhero personas, each with its own superpower. The cleaner quickly became addicted to using their superpowers and was subsequently exiled by the other cleaners.[1]

The ex-cleaner would later enlist the aid of the Doom Patrol to help them prevent the cleaners, who had gone mad, from wiping the earth clean. During their mission the persona of False Memory was born, with the power to inflict a non-existent nostalgia upon others. False memory used this power to trick the Master Cleaner back into sanity by implanting false relaxing memories in their brain that calmed them down.[2]

False Memory would later return to the Doom Patrol and used her powers to quickly persuade them that she had always been a beloved member of the team. She tried to give the team false memories to make them happier but the results were mixed and she was eventually found out by Dorothy Spinner who was seemingly immune to her powers. Despite her objections, False Memory was kicked out of the team by the others as they found it impossible to trust her.[3]


Ally of the Doom Patrol



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