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Falyce of Orando is the third Emerald Empress, serving the Emerald Eye of Ekron.

On Orando, Falyce was fleeing for her life from a sadistic Duke, who apparently enjoyed torturing and murdering his mistresses. Injured and blinded in one eye, Falyce stumbled into the ruins of a cursed temple and wished that she had the power to stop her tormentor. This awakened the Emerald Eye of Ekron, which had been lying dormant underneath the temple, and Falyce instantly bonded with it. When the Duke arrived to kill Falyce, she blasted him to vapor with the Eye. Calling herself the Emerald Empress, she took over Orando and rebuilt it in her image. The Eye's power masked this remaking even from Projectra, the absent queen of Orando, who was once again serving with the Legion as Sensor Girl.

A year later, the vacationing Legionnaires Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet passed near Orando in a private starship. Sensing their presence and realizing that they were old enemies, the Empress blasted their ship with the Eye and took the two women captive. Lightning Lass and Violet were able to escape and call for backup, prompting several more Legionnaires, Sensor Girl, Sun Boy and Gates, to arrive and battle the Empress. The Eye's power seemed too great and the Legion was on the verge of defeat, when Shrinking Violet shrank down to subatomic size and was able to enter the Eye unnoticed. By suddenly growing back to full size from inside the Eye, she was able to shatter it, breaking its hold over Falyce, who returned to normal. The Eye quickly reformed and fled into space, and Sensor Girl set about the task of rebuilding Orando.


  • Mental Illness: Falyce was tortured and nearly murdered by a duke of her land. She wished for the power to stop the man and free her from her prison and was granted the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Her time with the duke coupled with her nearly boundless power drove her insane and made her sadistic. Often times she refers to herself by saying Eye instead of I.




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