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Quote1.png Death...death is......everything. Life is so rich, so sweet, so warm with blood and color and taste. What is better than to eat, to drink, to bed, to kill? What is better than cracking bone between my teeth? Than a conquest's sigh against my lips? What is better than to hear the crowd scream my name as a man gurgles his death rattle under my heel? Death...would be the end of all that. Quote2.png
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The previous champion of Warworld, Famine was one of the Four Furies of Apokolips under the servitude of Darkseid.


When Steppenwolf of Apokolips arrived on their world, he asked her about death, to which she believed was the end of everything that is beautiful, everything she loved. Steppenwolf told her that a Fury of Darkseid will live forever, never fearing death, driving her to betray Mongul in favor of Apokolips, becoming the Fury of Famine, so hungry for life.[1]

With their new champion, Apokolips then proceeded to destroy Warworld, leaving no one alive.[2]

World's End

Famine and the other Furies arrived to Earth through the fire pits,[3] with her landing on the city of London to which she began feeding on the life force of starving innocents.[4] She was confronted by the Flash, Hawkgirl and Dr. Fate who were attacking her to no effect until Flash disarmed her and Dr. Fate had her own power deflected to herself,[5] seemingly ending her life...but not her threat.[6]

Turns out Famine wasn't completely dead,[7] thus Flash and Hawkgirl used this chance to ask her how to stop the Furies, something she said will come with a price.[2]

Her sisters defeated, Famine's bond to Apokolips was broken, her final strengths fading, and ultimately joined the Furies in oblivion.[8]


  • Superhuman Strength: As Warworld's champion, Famine's strength was unrivaled even by Mongul himself.[1]
  • Invulnerability: Famine could endure the heat of the fire pit without any strain[3] and survive, albeit slightly, her own power's reflection.[7]
  • Life Absorption: As the Fury of Famine, she could feast on the life force of all, making anything organic and inorganic to wither and die in her presence.[5]


  • Armor: Famine wore a mechanical armor which removal made her vulnerable to her own power's reflection.[5]



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