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August General in Iron is a Chinese super-hero and founding member of the Great Ten. He is a distinguished military officer with iron-like skin due to alien infection and experimental scientific treatments.


Fang Zhifu was once a respected soldier of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. His bold actions quickly rose him to the rank of captain of the Xeno-Team stationed in camp He Long somewhere in the Gansu Province, where he became engaged to the prettiest girl in the province. Little did Captain Fang Zhifu know that his whole life would be thrown upside down after the Qinghai Incident.

When a living Durlan scout ship crash landed within the Kanbula Forest Park in Qinghai Province, Zhifu's country went to high alert and sent a local Chinese PLA patrol into the crash site. They were all murdered by the aliens.

Minister Jiang decided to send in the nearest Xeno-Team, Fang Zhifu's own Team, and ordered them to capture the Durlan scout ship and at least two of its crew.

Despite serious casualties, Team Lanzhou was able to capture the ship and two Durlans in this suicide mission. The surviving Durlans then changed tactics by transforming into an airborne Alien Bacterial Infection which then invaded the bodies of the Xeno-Team. Despite great agony, Captain Fang and his team were able to inject themselves with a broad spectrum counter-agent that slowed the disease's progress. Captain Fang then called for immediate medevac.

Team Lanzhou was rushed to a special military hospital, where doctors desperately tried to cure the infected soldiers. One by one each member of the Xeno-Team succumbed to the Durlan disease, turning into a lifeless, organic soup. Finally, the doctors discover an experimental treatment that destroyed the disease. Thus, they were able to save Captain Fang, the sole survivor of the battle now known as the Qinghai Incident.

Unfortunately, the combination of the Durlan infection and the experimental treatment caused Captain Fang's body to grow rusty metal plates over his skin. While it made Captain Fang stronger than a whole battalion of soldiers, the cost of his abnormal psychical appearance caused his fiancée to to break off their engagement. Unable to serve the PLA in a conventional capacity, Captain Fang was selected by Minister Jiang to be one of China's first "super-functionaries" and was give the code name August Captain in Iron.

Two years later, an archaeology team from Beijing University discovered the tomb of the First Emperor. In its last defense, 100 terracotta statues were robotically animated to protect the emperors remains and its possession. After slaying the thieves that desecrated the tomb, they headed toward the Forbidden City in Beijing, killing anything that stood in their path. The local PLA intercepted them in Tiananmen Square only to discover they weren't up to the task.

Socialist Red Guardsman and the August Captain were ordered to intervene. Fang Zhifu was still new to the super-functionary program, so everyone expected that the first operative, the Socialist Red Guardsman, would keep the Captain in line. The Guardsman began to fire without bothering to determine who was friend and who was foe. What followed was a slaughter that took them less than ten minutes to destroy the 99 automatons. the precise number of army casualties is still classified information to the Chinese government. It was later revealed that one terracotta automaton was moved to the Great Wall Complex.

After this little fiasco Fang Zhifu was ordered to hunt down any renegade Metahuman in China and give them a choice join Jiang's new Standing Committee for Metahuman Affairs, or be relocated to a work camp in the Gobi Desert.

After hearing reports of a mysterious woman that hunted criminals in the Wan Chai District in Hong Kong, Captain in Iron was sent to find her. While Fang Zhifu was aware of the deadly touch he allowed her to touch him, too caught up in the woman's lips and the scent of her perfume to notice where she was putting her hand, only to discover he was immune to her touch. Fang Zhifu still believes Ghost Fox Killer only sides with China's interests out of loyalty and love for him, a feeling he shares mutually. He also tried to capture the metahuman Accomplished Perfect Physician and recruited Celestial Archer and Thundermind.

Great Ten

13 years after his transformation, Fang Zhifu was nominated General and became field commander of China's own Super Hero Team, the Great Ten.

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  • Leadership: August General is a more than capable leader of the Great Ten due to years of leading a Xeno-Team along with his study of Sun Tzu's "Art of War".
  • Military Protocol
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic) As a former Xeno-Team member, August General possesses years of training and experience in armed combat. The August General is also a master with his energy staff.
  • Marksmanship: He is familiar with firearms ranging from handguns to AK-47s. His ability and training with firearms allows him to have better accuracy with his staff.


  • August General's Energy Staff: The August General carries a special energy staff that can cut through metal.


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