Quote1 Anyone who's seen combat knows how precious life is-- and how foolish it is to continue the cycle of violence. Quote2
-- August General in Iron src

Justice League International

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Andre Briggs announces his Justice League International.


Andre Briggs selects August General to represent China as a member of the new U.N.-sponsored Justice League International. He immediately begins a friendly rivalry with Russian teammate Rocket Red. Their first mission is against a group of giant robots wreaking havoc across the planet called the Signal Men.[1] The team is defeated, but August General gives a speech about his faith in Booster Gold as their leader.[2] He teams up with Godiva to investigate the threat underground.[3] They are captured by the alien world-destroyer Peraxxus who is responsible for the Signal Men.[4] He helps the team battle Peraxxus when they distract him so Batman and Rocket Red can reprogram his equipment. They save the day by crashing his ship into Earth.[5] This mission finally gets them U.N. approval, and August General delivers a passionate speech to China's delegate. Briggs announces the team in a public debut ceremony at the Hall of Justice.[6]



The League's public debut is attacked by a terrorist group called the Burners, led by anarchist super-villain Breakdown.[7] Zhifu's superiors formally disband the team, but he insists to the Chinese U.N. delegate that they cannot stop them from acting as individuals.[8] When they recruit OMAC, August General tries to help him deal with being trapped in the body of a monster.[9] They finally fight the Burners and are defeated, with August General taken out by Intersek's manipulation of Guy Gardner.[10] The Burners stage a public execution of the captured League, and Breakdown uses his powers to break down August General's cell-structure. OMAC breaks the team free of Lightweaver's prison, and they win when August General punches Breakdown into a million friggin' pieces.[11] At the funeral for Rocket Red, they decide to continue without government approval when August General insists that Gavril can't have died for nothing.[12] They are finally disbanded when Brother Eye takes control of OMAC and destroys the team, having him burn August General's face off.[13]


When the Justice League of China was formed as China's newest team of superheroes, August General was sharply critical of this team and deride them as "cheap Chinese imitation of a flawed American concept."[14]

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  • Sensory Deprivation: August General's strengthened hide has weakened his senses such as taste.[6]


  • In Justice League International there is a sub-plot of August General harboring romantic feelings for his teammate Godiva, although this is never made explicit. It begins during their first solo mission together.[2]



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