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The Faora clone was one of hundreds of Kryptonian clones created by the Orb in 2009.

Faora was among the first to meet up with the clone of Major Zod. She and the others briefly turned on Zod, but soon changed their loyalties back to him.[2] Like the original Faora, the clone found herself becoming romantically involved with Zod. Even becoming pregnant with his child. However, Faora turned against him, after Clark Kent revealed to her that the original Zod had been the one responsible for the destruction of Krypton. Faora tried to convince the other clones to leave with the humans in peace, but they were attacked by Checkmate and taken prisoner. Zod saved her, only to then kill her for betraying him. Only after she died, did he realize that she was carrying his child.[3]

Blaming her death on humans, Zod managed to rally the other clones behind him for a while, until Clark tricked him into revealing the truth.[4] Before that, Faora's body was encased in ice in a tomb, preserving her remains for centuries. The other clones were sent to New Krypton, where the tale of Faora was passed along for generations. Eventually becoming a myth. In the 31st Century, Faora's tomb was discovered by Kirt Niedrigh, who extracted a DNA sample of Faora's unborn child, with intent on using the genetic material to revive Doomsday.[5]