Quote1 The birth was actually pretty straight-forward. Apart from the flames. Quote2
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Faraday's unique powers were evident even before she was born, as her thermokinesis began to develop in the womb, causing her mother great trauma and sending her father and grandfather on a star-spanning trip to Terra Obscura to retrieve a sample of the wonder-drug Alosun, which would make Tesla invulnerable inside and out. After saving the planet from a plague and retrieving Alosun from Dr. Strange, Tom and Val returned to Earth in time to give Tesla her first dose. After that, the pregnancy progressed smoothly and Faraday was born without incident, other than bursting into flame and flying around the nursery, much to the shock and delight of her family.


  • Salamander Physiology: Faraday is half-Salamander, Salamanders being an off-shoot of humanity that had evolved to survive in volcanic temperatures. As a result, Faraday has the following abilities;



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