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Farooq Gibran was given powers by the Accelerator explosion, which gave him the power to generate electricity.

Farooq Gibran was hanging out with his friends Daria Kim and Jake Davenport on the night the Particle Accelerator was turned on in Central City. Farooq was hanging from a power transformer for a better view when the wave from the Accelerator struck the tower, electrocuting Farooq. His friends tried to give him CPR, but when he awoke, he discovered he had inadvertently electrocuted his two friends and killed them.

Months later, Farooq reappeared in Central City, and murdered someone via his electrocution powers. The Flash confronted Farooq at a power station. Farooq, using his powers, was able to siphon The Flash's energy, causing The Flash to lose his powers. Farooq subsequently appeared at S.T.A.R. Labs, wishing to get revenge on Harrison Wells for creating the Particle Accelerator and changing him. Wells decided to release Tony Woodward to try to get him to kill Farooq, but Farooq was too powerful and ended up killing Tony. In the S.T.A.R. Labs parking garage, Farooq gets the confrontation he wished for and is just about to kill Wells when The Flash gets his powers back and transports Wells to safety. The Flash, more connected to his speed than ever, is able to resist Farooq's power siphoning, and as a result, Farooq is apparently killed by overloading his power. Farooq is placed in a body bag and put into one of the S.T.A.R. Labs cells.

Wells later opened the cell to get a sample of Farooq's blood in order to see just how Farooq was able to siphon The Flash's powers.


  • Farooq was posthumously named Blackout by Cisco Ramon.
  • Farooq Gibran was played by Michael Reventar.



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