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Faruka served as the main assistant to High Priestess Kadesha Banu and was one of Bana-Mighdall's cruelest and cleverest Amazons.

The aged priestess fed Faruka's ambitions, grooming her as a successor to Bana-Mighdall's steely but conservative Queen Anahid. By the time Kadesha Banu died, Faruka had amassed many loyalists, along with an enormous thirst for power.

While she had no qualms about usurping the throne by force, Faruka readjusted her plans when Queen Anahid was killed by the Cheetah. The Queen's aide Nehebka - a longtime rival of Faruka's - became Bana-Mighdall's acting ruler, enjoying much support. Matters were further complicated by Wonder Woman and the Olympian God Hermes, both of whom called for Bana-Mighdall to "return" its most sacred relic, the Girdle of Gaea.

Exploiting her fellow Amazons' xenophobia, Faruka accused Wonder Woman and Hermes of plotting against Bana-Mighdall, and Nehebka of being too weak to stop them. Simultaneously, she introduced to Bana-Mighdall her greatest ally - a mysterious armored warrior styled Shim'Tar, whose power (supplied by the Girdle of Gaea) equaled that of Wonder Woman's. At Faruka's instruction, Shim'Tar easily killed Nehebka, crowning herself Queen of Bana-Mighdall with Faruka her chief adviser.

This new regime, however, would last mere hours. Shortly after Faruka's ascension, the Egyptian government ordered an airstrike on Bana-Mighdall, which Hermes barely managed to repel; this won the Messenger-God admiration from many Amazons, and when Faruka continued to attack him, those Amazons spurned her as a fanatic and gunned her down. Meanwhile, after a long, grueling battle, Shim'Tar fell to Wonder Woman, cutting short any further dreams of conquest from Bana-Mighdall.






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