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Faruka is the second Queen of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall, following the abdication of the founder, Atalanta.

At some point Faruka rose to prominence amongst the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and was crowned Queen Faruka II. Faruka was well regarded by her subjects for her ability to bring the Amazons to a sense of stability in spite of their nomadic roots. It was Faruka's wish to legitimise the state of Bana-Mighdall that led her into territorial dispute with the neighbouring nation of Qurac. To escalate the tensions between the two states she harboured the terrorist Rustam in the hopes that he could ignite a war against Quarc which Faruka and her Amazons would win.

Her plans were interrupted however, by the arrival of Atalanta who had recently been rescued by Diana of Themyscira and Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. When Diana and Atalanta opposed Faruka's attack she had the pair imprisoned, but Diana was easily able to break free and overpower Faruka before heading to the front line where Artemis and Rustam were preparing to attack Qurac. [1] Their Diana apprehended Rustam and managed to diffuse the conflict with the help of Artemis. Following this political defeat Faruka was forced to release Atalanta and recognise her as joint-Queen of Bana-Mighdall, at the insitances of her subjects. [2]

Despite their difference in method the two queens managed to rule alongside one another, together they started to investigate the emergences of a previously unknown group of Amazons living in South America.[3] They would also face an attack from a mystical creature that they tracked back to Doom's Doorway on Themyscira.[4] Atalanta predicted that a new tournament to select the guardian of Doom's Doorway would soon be underway. The two Queen's agreed to travel to Themyscira with the hopes that if an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall were to win the tournament than their people would earn the right to live on the protected island.[5] While Faruka initially considered selecting Artemis as Champion of Bana-Mighdall she later decided to approach Donna Troy hoping that she would have a psychological edge against her Themysciran allies. Faruka's offer was accepted by Donna who believed in opening Themyscira's to any and all Amazons.[6]

Faruka and her Amazon's were accepted on Themyscira by the new Queen, Nubia althought the build-up of the tournemtn was palgued with hostility between Faruka and the Themyscirans. Matters were made worse when with the arrival of the Esquecida who Faruka distrusted, and then descended further when the former Themysciran Queen and Atalanta's sister, Hippolyta, was murdered.[7] The tournament would soon prove futile as the primordial god of Chaos opened Doom's Doorway and unleashed an army of monsters upon Themyscira. A hard-fought battle followed which was only ended at the sacrifice of Atalanta and Antiope who closed Doom's Doorway.

Having witnessed the struggles and sacrifices of all the three Amazon tribes during the attack, Faruka moved on from her grudge against the Themyscirians and Esquecida. After the battle she honored Nubia as Queen of all Amazons, not just those on Themyscira.[8]






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