The Fashion Thing is a denizen of the Dreaming. As her title implies, she is the personification of style and design. In her persona as the Mad Mod Witch, she often brews up "Tales of the Unexpected" to anyone willing to listen.

In the past, she has been a flapper, a mod, a punk, and even described as a "Mad Madonna Witch". In 1988, she began referring to herself as the Mad Yuppie Witch.






  • As the Mad Mod Witch, she owned a fashionable electric cauldron.
  • Given the descriptions of her past fads and the evidence that she changes her name to match, it might be extrapolated that she has also called herself the Mad Flapper Witch and Mad Punk Witch.
  • The character originated as "the Mad Mod Witch", one of the recurring hosts of Unexpected in the Silver Age. In The Sandman, she is revealed to be a dream-creature known as "the Fashion Thing" and serves as a minor recurring character.



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