The Fatal Five originated as the main antagonistic team against the Legion of Superheroes in the tv series. Originally, they consisted of Emerald Empress, Mano, Validus, Tharok, and Persuader.

The team has shown to be based around power; after Matter-Eater Lad bit a piece out of Emerald Empress's Emerald Eye, which rendered her powers useless, the Fatal Five left her to be incarcerated by the Legionnares.

After Earth in the 31st century is heavily damaged by Imperiex's appearance from the 41st century, the Fatal Five is shown to be dealing heavy damage to Metropolitan city.

Later on in the series, Validus leaves the team to join Imperiex and the Dominators in their quest to take over the universe. However, Brainiac 5, under the control of Brainiac 1, digitizes Validus using powerful Coluan technology, and he is presumably deleted in Brainiac 1's files.


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