The Fatal Five were five independent super-powered criminals brought together by the Legion in order to stop the Sun-Eater.[1]

The Emerald Empress recruited members to join her and the Persuader in her "new" Fatal Five. The three new recruits included the flame-wielding Flare, the acid touch of Caress, and the recently rejected Legion applicant Mentalla.[2]

When the Milky Way galaxy and Earth's sun were endangered by the mysterious Sun-Eater in the latter half of the 30th Century, five of the worst criminals in the galaxy were brought together by the Legion of Super-Heroes to help save civilization. The villains assisted the Legionnaires in the destruction of the Sun-Eater, although the final victory was only achieved by the ultimate sacrifice of Ferro Lad, one of the Legionnaires. Although the Fatal Five had earned pardons by there actions, they rejected them and banded together to attempt the conquest of the worlds they had saved. The members of the Fatal Five are allegedly deceased Tharok their leader; Emerald Empress; Mano; the Persuader; and Validus, whose nearly mindless behavior was often controllable by Tharok through a variety of technological means. During their career the Fatal Five have proved powerful enough to conquer an entire planet while still trapped in another dimension, and to have conclusively been the arch-foes of the Legion.

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