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The Fatal Five was a team formed in the 21st Century by 31st Century villain Emerald Empress.


The 30th Century villainess Emerald Empress was presented a vision in which Saturn Girl defeated her for good. Driven by that vision, Emerald Empress travelled to the 21st Century to destroy Saturn Girl. Once she met Imra, though, Sarya learned her vision was partially false, and Supergirl was the one who would destroy her in the future.[1]

Determined to prevent her defeat, Sarya attacked Supergirl head-on, but failed.[2] So she resolved to put together a new Fatal Five made up of people who would be defeated by Supergirl in time, to kill her before Supergirl grew up and had the chance to destroy them.

Emerald Empress recruited Magog,[3] Indigo and the witch Selena,[4] and with the latter's help managed to create a mindless clone of Solomon Grundy. Swearing to destroy Kara Zor-El and everyone who would stand with her, they put in motion a scheme to kill her and her legacy in the present.



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