Quote1 A little blood is to be expected... when digging in search of one's true heart... Quote2
Father Lost src
Father Lost was once living in an unknown rural area in Africa. His parents had died due to HIV and he was left orphaned. He then encountered a witch who took him in and taught him how to use blood magic to twist the minds of others.

He soon became a sadist and started using his powers to commit dozens of murders across Tinasha, a city in Congo. This caught the attention of Dawn and she began hutning down Father Lost's mind controlled men. Then, when Kia Okuru's niece got kidnapped, Batwing began to investigate. They found Father Lost performing a ritual in a destroyed part of town and attacked him and his men. However, Father Lost was able to mind control Batwing and turn him to his side after he injured Dawn. Batwing attacked the cops trying to capture Father Lost, but then got shocked, which wore off the mind control. Meanwhile, Father Lost managed to escape.

Following this encounter, Batwing analyzed the signal that Father Lost was using to mind control the people using his suit and upgraded his suit to counter it. He then went to face Father Lost again and freed all the people of the mind control. Father Lost was then arrested and taken to jail.[1]





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