This character has been mentioned only and never actually shown in a comic book or on-screen. Despite their lack of physical appearances, information about them might still be relevant or interesting or at least worthy of documentation. Anything known about them is to be considered second-hand information.

Fatima was the eldest daughter of Queen Fiona and the chronicler Regin, a member of the Atlantean Royal Family and eventually Queen of Atlantis. She is said to have possessed many of the qualities of the great Orin. Her daughter Manu would also go on to become Queen. She had a beloved broter uncharitably named Kalunga the Imbecilic who married a mysterious woman named Gana, speculated to be the daughter of Kordax; they sired a villainous heir to the throne named Nala who frequently came into conflict with Manu. These two lineages would eventually result in the somewhat incestuous marriage of King Honsu and Queen Lorelei a number of generations later.[1]

  • Not much is known about Fatima or her reign, as she is only mentioned in passing briefly. She is expanded upon in a back-up text to Atlantis Chronicles #5 written from the perspective of an archaeologist examining the Chronicles as historical documents.
  • Fatima is also known to have a half-brother or half-sister. Being married to a chronicler and believing it inappropriate that the official chronicler be a direct blood descendant of the royal line, Fiona requested that Regin sire a child with another woman outside of wedlock.



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