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Fauna Faust is the youngest daughter of Felix Faust bestowed magical powers during another demonic ceremony in which he attempted to gift himself magical powers like her brother, Sebastian.[1]

Using the codename Fauna, she first appeared as a member of the new Strike Force Kobra, set on destroying the Outsiders. Strike Force Kobra member Spectra kidnapped Halo from the Outsiders headquarters. As a result, the Outsiders went to Hawaii to rescue their teammate but were defeated by Strike Force Kobra. Fauna, using her ability to control animals, was able to take control of the Outsider Wylde whose animal side was susceptible to her powers.

Finding nothing to gain by keeping the unconscious Outsiders, Lady Eve ordered Fauna to use Wylde to kill the Outsiders. Wylde, however, was able to take control of himself and the effort caused a painful feedback on Fauna which inadvertently roused the Outsider Faust to consciousness. In turn, Faust was able to magically rouse the other Outsiders, who in turn were able to defeat Strike Force Kobra. Fauna was able to escape with the help of her father Felix Faust. Felix Faust had intended to use Fauna as a surprise weapon but because of the encounter with the Outsiders, he could not use her as such anymore. Felix Faust, disappointed, apparently killed Fauna.

However, she somehow survived the whole ordeal but was trapped in Felix's created dimension due to her father as punishment for her failure. She later lends her aid to her father by controlling a further transform Wylde on promise of being able to leave the dimension. When the Outsiders prevailed and Felix's dimension was destroyed, Fauna was free from her father's clutches. She later visits Wylde in a zoo.[2]


  • Demonic Empowerment: Fauna gained mystical powers after her father attempted to channel the ability to initiate magic through her, though she only initially gained the power to control animals at will.[1]
    • Black Magic: Fauna controls the same sort of black magic as her brother, Sebastian. This form of magic is known to be dangerous to it's practitioners.[3]
      • Animal Control: Fauna gained the mystical ability to control animals due to the attempt by her father to channel magical power though her in a ceremony.[1]
      • Eldritch Blast: Fauna can project magical energies towards a chosen target.[3]


  • Black Magic Instability: Casting her black magic can create a risk of random feedback of magical power being redirected back to her painfully.[3]

  • Fauna Faust is an enemy of the Outsiders.
  • Fauna is the lover of Syonide.
  • While conceived during Felix Faust inhabiting the body of Dekan Drache, she is likely considered the daughter of Felix Faust by blood like that of her brother, Sebastian Faust.[4]