Fauna Faust was the daughter of the evil sorcerer Felix Faust, and was also the granddaughter of Majika the Magnificent.[1]

Museum Heist

Shortly before her death, Fauna Faust planned to steal the enchanted artefacts of John Domingo from St. Cyprian's museum of the macabre. Using her magic to teleport into the museum, Fauna began lifting up the artefacts and transporting them through a rift she had opened. Towards the end of the operation she was caught by the security guards who attempted to apprehend her, however she was able to escape through her rift with her prize. Upon reaching her hideout on the other side Fauna began transporting her goods into her abode. Before she could celebrate her success however she was intercepted by a Shadow Rider, a spectral arcane hunter, who beheaded her with a scythe.[1]


During her life time Fauna displayed herself to be very self confident, believing she was greater in the mystic arts then any of her ancestors. She also seemed to enjoy the attention that came with being a super-criminal, however she never attempted to seek it out.[1]


  • Magic: Like her father, Fauna Faust was a highly skilled sorceress during her life.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Fauna was able to utilize magic to lift and propel objects using her mind. During her heist on the St. Cyprian's museum, Fauna used her telekinetic abilities to lift a vast amount of objects and send them through a rift.[1]
    • Teleportation: Using magic Fauna has shown herself capable of teleporting herself great distances. She is also capable of opening rifts to pass items through, or herself if the situation calls for it.[1]


  • Occultism: Due to her magical heritage, Fauna possessed a great knowledge of the mystic arts, alongside its history. She was knowledgeable enough to distinguish the artefacts of later John Domingo, also known as the Black Constable.[1]
  • Thievery: Fauna was an accomplished thief, who utilized magic to assist her in her robberies. During the heist of St Cyprian's museum she was able to remain mostly undetected.[1]



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