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Quote1.png It is not proper that this young man be given the Task of Vengeance... Sister Lilhy. Surely you remember that Azrael is a hereditary position, passed from father to son for these six centuries. This young man -- though doubtlessly worthy -- is a newcomer to the most holy Order of St. Dumas. Quote2.png
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This Faux-Azrael was sponsored by Sister Lilhy to replace the previous owner of the Azrael moniker after proving himself worthy by besting other potential candidates through a series of unspecified trials.

After Jean-Paul Valley abandoned the Order of St. Dumas to join Batman in protecting Gotham City[3], Sister Lilhy held a trial for a potential candidate to be selected to replace Jean-Paul as the new Azrael. This Unnamed individual completed the trails and slew the other candidates, despite this High Brother Rollo -the leader of the Switzerland sect of the Order of St Dumas- was hesitant to have this candidate be the new Azrael as the title was traditionally passed down from a single blood-line. However, when Jean-Paul Valley came the Switzerland to uncover the truth of his at the hands of the Order, the new Azrael sought to prove himself by ambushing Jean-Paul and his partner Brian Bryan on their way to the Ice Cathedral.[2] After catching the two off guard, the new Azrael forced Jean-Paul and off an icy ledge and presumably to his death and captured Brian to be interrogated.

However, when he returned to the Ice Cathedral to inform Sister Lilhy of his triumph, the Azrael had learnt that Jean-Paul had in fact survived the fall and was now being treated as an honoured guest by Brother Rollo and that Jean-Paul had been formerly pardoned for his previous treasonous actions. After locking Brian Bryan in a dungeon within the Ice Cathedral, the Faux-Azrael was ordered by Brother Rollo to disguise himself in Rollo's robes and wait within the chapel for Jean-Paul, who Rollo believed planned to assassinate him. As predicted Jean-Paul broke into the chapel to find and kill Brother Rollo only to be attacked by the Faux-Azrael wielding a flaming sword.[4] The two commenced a sword duel within the chapel until Jean-Paul managed to kick the unnamed Azrael and onto an ice bridge outside the Cathedral. Jean-Paul bested the Faux-Azrael by slicing the bridge with his own flaming sword, causing his attacker to presumably fall to his death.[5]

Underworld Unleashed

However, during the Underworld Unleashed event, it was revealed that this Azrael had not perished, but had instead been saved by Abra Kadabra who was working on behalf of Neron to grant the unnamed Azrael two wishes in return for his soul when Neron ascends to earth. The Faux-Azrael was more than willing to take Abra Kadabra up on Neron's offer and asks that his two wishes be that he is strong enough to both survive his fall and defeat Jean-Paul Valley. Abra Kadabra grants the Azrael his first wish but presents him with the counter offer of being able to slay Batman as an alternate way to prove himself stronger than Jean-Paul Valley. The Faux-Azrael accepts this compromise and once he survives his fall from the Ice Cathedral, he makes his way to Gotham City, somehow acquiring Jean-Paul's Batman suit from his time as Batman during Knightquest. The Faux-Azrael dons Jean-Paul Valley's Azrael costume and enters Gotham City's Professional Karate Championships where he brutally assaulted the contestants while claiming to be Batman in order to draw the real Batman out.

However, instead of gaining the attention of Batman, he is instead confronted by Robin whom the unnamed Azrael proceeds to brutally attack in frustration of not garnering the attention of Batman. But before the Azrael could beat Robin to a pulp, he was pulled out of the tournament ring by Batman who proceeded to combat the Faux-Azrael on the roof of the tournament building. After defeating the unnamed Azrael and also saving his life when he was about to fall off the edge of the building, the Faux-Azrael willingly surrenders to Batman, claiming that he was happy losing, presumably because it meant he would not have to sacrifice his soul to Neron.[1]




  • Kevlar Body-Armor


  • Double-Edged Sword[2]
  • Flame Sword[4]
  • Claw-Gauntlets[1]

  • An individual bearing the same mask as this Azrael appeared in Azrael #16 as a guard within the Ice Cathedral as part of a tie-in to the Batman: Contagion event, but it is unknown if this man was actually the same Azrael.