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Faye Gunn, also known as Ma Gunn, was an elder who ran a "School for Boys" in Crime Alley.

She was a widowed Australian, who settled in the infamous area of Gotham City known as Crime Alley. Unaware to society, her "school" was actually an undercover front to educate youngsters and turn them into criminals. Gunn was solely responsible for running the crime academy, while she posed as a goodwill benefactor of the city. Her undercover operation was broken by Jason Todd, when he was forced to enroll in her school and learned about her illegal activities.

Gunn and her henchmen tried to fulfill a contract on behalf of the Joker and they attempted to steal a valuable gem from the Gotham Art Museum, but this plan ultimately failed as Jason Todd had told the truth about Gunn to Batman. Batman and Jason subsequently worked together to stop Ma Gunn and her thugs, ending her criminal operations and bringing her to the authorities.


  • The name "Faye Gunn" is a reference to the Dickens character Fagin, who also trained children for crime. The first name "Faye" is also a reference to actress Faye Dunaway, as Max Allan Collins wanted the character to look like an older version of Dunaway's portrayal of Bonnie Parker from the movie Bonnie and Clyde -- however Chris Warner went in a different direction with the character design, so that reference isn't clear. [citation needed]



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