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The Fearsome Five was a short-lived supervillain team constructed by Psimon and Doctor Light to oppose the Teen Titans.


Having felt they had the best chance of beating the Titans if they teamed up themselves, Psimon and Doctor Light invited a group of the Teen Titans' greatest villains to a secret location to hold auditions for their new team - 'The Fearsome Five'.

Only about half of the villains in attendance were interested in joining though and, to whittle down the number to the three best candidates, Doctor Light forced the criminals who were interested to attack the ones who weren't. This test backfired though, as the match was too evenly divided, and all the potential candidates knocked each other out.

When word spread to the Titans that Doctor Light and Psimon were trying to put together a super-team, the heroes asked their new team member, reformed criminal Jinx, to go undercover and join the team. Jinx hesitantly agreed and went to the audition point.

Gizmo and Mammoth, Jinx's former partners-in-crime, decided to audition for the super-team as well, feeling as though they had become directionless without Jinx on their side. They were ecstatic to find themselves reunited with Jinx when the three villains, having arrived late and being the only villains left standing after the failed brawl, were immediately inducted into the Fearsome Five.

The team sprung into action and attacked the Teen Titans, but the Titans managed to fend them off. Jinx, fulfilling her mission, betrayed the Fearsome Five and lead to their final arrest. The villains were devastated to have been betrayed by Jinx yet again, but the Titans assured them that she had seen the light of justice. [1]

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