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"Joe Palooka": (newspaper strip reprints)

Feature Funnies #2 is an issue of the series Feature Funnies (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1937.

Synopsis for "Joe Palooka"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Joe Palooka"

Featured Characters:

  • Joe Palooka

Supporting Characters:

  • Knobby Walsh

Synopsis for "Jane Arden"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Jane Arden"

Featured Characters:

  • Jane Arden

Synopsis for "Lala Palooza"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Lala Palooza"

Featured Characters:

  • Lala Palooza

Supporting Characters:

  • Vincent Palooza

Synopsis for "Dixie Dugan"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Dixie Dugan"

Featured Characters:

  • Dixie Dugan

Synopsis for Slim and Tubby: "Episode 2"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in Slim and Tubby: "Episode 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Slim
  • Tubby

Synopsis for "Ned Brant"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Ned Brant"

Featured Characters:

  • Ned Brant

Synopsis for "Introducing the Hawk"

In one of the better clubs on Park Avenue, T. James Harrington II chats with his late father's longtime friend, Deputy Inspector Doyle, and learns of a vicious crime. While Doyle departs to deal with that, Jimmy is driven to his apartment, where he changes suits and dons the simple yet effective disguise of "the Hawk." He drives directly to the scene of the crime and almost immediately finds spots the crook, beats him up, and takes him back to his apartment, from which his two henchmen deliver the crook, and the recovered loot, into Police custody. The Hawk sends along a hand-written letter, to taunt Doyle.

Appearing in "Introducing the Hawk"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Deputy Inspector Pat "Paddy" Doyle (Single appearance)
  • Link, Hawk's henchman
  • Rollo, Hawk's henchman


  • unnamed crook

Other Characters:

  • Old Moore, philanthropist (Mentioned only)



  • Hawk's taloned glove


  • Harrington's red roadster

Synopsis for The Bungle Family: "Goose-Hunting Again"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in The Bungle Family: "Goose-Hunting Again"

Featured Characters:

  • Bungle Family

Synopsis for Big Top: "Episode 2"

Reprints from the Big Top comic strip

Appearing in Big Top: "Episode 2"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for Jim Swift: "The Marion Joyce Kidnapping: Part 2"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in Jim Swift: "The Marion Joyce Kidnapping: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Jim Swift

Synopsis for "Mickey Finn"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Mickey Finn"

Featured Characters:

  • Mickey Finn

Supporting Characters:

  • Uncle Phil


  • The Hawk was Quality Comics' first masked hero, predating even the Clock. However the title banner proclaims: "by Geo. E. Brenner, creator of 'The Clock'."
    • At Centaur Comics, the Clock had premiered in either Funny Pages #6 or Funny Picture Stories #1, when he appeared in both issues, which shared the same cover date, Nov 1936.
    • At Quality Comics, in Feature Funnies, the Clock debuted a year later, in Nov 1937.
    • This was the Hawk's only appearance.


  • The Hawk's introductory blurb is wonderful: "When the police fail, The Hawk doesn't, so, from the lips of the czar of the rackets, down to the cheapest dip, a single slogan rings out -- death to The Hawk!"
  • Also featured in this issue of Feature Comics were:
    • "Fisher's History of Boxing" by Ham Fisher, running across the top 1/5 of all 4 of his Joe Palooka pages.
    • Flossie by Al Zere appears on one page in four one-panel gags.
    • Good Deed Dotty by J.P. McEvoy and J.H. Striebel, running across the top 1/5 of all 4 of their Dixie Dugan pages.
    • Jane Arden by Monte Barrett and Russell E. Ross appears in four consecutive one-page episodes.
    • Lena Pry by Monte Barrett and Russell E. Ross appears in two consecutive one-page stories.
    • "Little Brother" by H.J. Tuthill, running across the top 1/5 of all 4 of his Bungle Family pages.
    • Modern 'Planes: "Howard Hughes's "Hawk" racing plane" by Les Marshall
    • Nippie ("He's Often Wrong") by Lank Leonard, running across the top 1/5 of all 4 of his Mickey Finn pages.
    • Off Side by Jo Metzer
    • Off The Record (gag cartoons) by Ed Reed appears in three places in this issue.
    • Pirates Ahoy: "Pirates Take to the Land" (text story) by Charles B. Driscoll
    • Puzzle Phun by Don DeConn
    • Star Snapshots: Norma Shearer, by Bernard Baily
    • Strange As It Seems "Battle of Palmito Ranch, 1846 & 1865", by John Hix
    • Strange As It Seems "Bible Research", by John Hix
    • Strange As It Seems "William Bradford, 1846 & 1865", by John Hix
    • They're Still Talking: "...About How Layden Single Handed, Beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl" by Bob Zuppke & R.W. Depew
    • They're Still Talking: "...About How Tiny Eckersall Wrecked the Great Heston's Touchdown Sprint" by Bob Zuppke & R.W. Depew
    • Toddy by George Marcoux appears in two consecutive pages of daily newspaper strips.

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