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Zane was a member of Haly's Circus and childhood friend of Dick Grayson and Raya Vestri.

When Haly's Circus went downhill after the death of the Flying Graysons, Zane got involved as a manager for contract killers in Chicago under the alias, Feedback, and had somehow gained a telepathic implant. Zane was interrogated by Nightwing, who wanted to know if he had any information about Saiko. Zane projected images of Dick's past failures to torture him. However, Dick broke free and reversed the frequency of the implant to hurt Zane. After this, Zane denied having any info on Saiko, and Dick threatened him to stay away from the Saiko case.[1]


  • Illusion Casting: Due to an implant which granted him telepathic powers, Feedback can send radio frequencies into the brain to excite emotions in the target causing them to feel horrible amounts of pain and suffering.