Felice Chandler was a student at Smallville High School.

Felice was on the cheerleading squad and president of the Drama Club, her freshman year. However, she also set her mind towards running for student council president. After she refused to step down, when Sasha Woodman told her to, Sasha used her ability to make hundreds of bees' attack Felice. As a result of the attack, Felice ended up in a coma for a short while.[1]

She eventually recovered and began going by "Rhonda" prior to her senior year. She had a skill with chemistry. Together with another girl on the cheerleading squad, who had all grown tired of playing second fiddle to a football, Rhonda created a chemical mixture that made whoever drank it fall madly in love with someone. Because of the mixture, the boys of the Smallville Crows became devoted to Rhonda and the other cheerleaders. However, their activities were stopped by Lois Lane. After which, Rhonda returned to her normal life.[2]


  • Rhonda/Felice Chandler was portrayed by Chelan Simmons.
  • In "Devoted", the character is only identified as "Rhonda" (no last name). However, as both Felice and Rhonda (the latter lacking a last name) display a similar personality; are played by the same actress; are classmates with Clark Kent and on the cheerleading squad, it is plausible that they are the same person.



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