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Felicidad Gomez was one of the leaders of the Order of Purity, with base in Gotham City.

She was informed of the decision to replace their current Azrael, Abraham Arlington with Michael Lane and she was present during the introduction of the Order to Lane. During that meeting, Gomez was struck by one of Merlyn's arrows in her arm when the Seven Men of Death attacked their secret headquarters.[1]

Gomez and the others managed to get out alive, except for their leader, Leland McCauley. They took his body to the Gotham Central Hospital, where they were confronted by Lane, who wanted to know the truth about the Suit of Sorrows. Gomez and the others allowed Lane to see what had happened to Arlington as prove of the suit's effects.[2]

A few days later, Gomez was summoned to the GCPD Headquarters to corroborate Father Day's version of the crime at the church and her involvement in the Order of Purity and the vigilante Azrael.[3]