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Felicity was a member of the Omega Men.

Known only as Felicity, she was born on the planet Karna in the Vega star system. As Karna was one of the territories within the Citadel Empire, it became a provincial outpost for the Citadel's slavers the Gordanians. The Gordanians established themselves on one of Karna's continents and enslaved Felicity's mother while Felicity was still very young. While still a child, Felicity's mother died in the fields and soon after the Gordanians sold Felicity to an off-world settlement. As a young adult, Felicity was laboring as a harem dancer on the Citadel-occupied world of Slagg. During the Citadel War, the Omega Men liberated Slagg from Citadel control and Felicity was set free. She immediately became infatuated with the Omega Men's interim leader, a fellow Karnan named Tigorr. Although infatuated by Felicity's youthful charm, Tigorr was more concerned with destroying the Citadel then he was with affairs of the heart. Felicity was one of several residents of Slagg who were manipulated by the traitorous Demonia into supporting Tigorr for leadership of the Omega Men over Primus. Following the war, Felicity accompanied the Omega Men back to the planet Euphorix for a victory celebration. The victory was short-lived however as fringe elements of the Citadel Empire, led by the Earthling Harry Hokum began staging raids on Euphorix. Though not a warrior, nor an official member of the team, Felicity accompanied the Omega Men to the prison planet of New Alliance to forge a pact between the free worlds of Vega and the emerging New Citadel Empire. Part of her consciousness was embedded into Tigorr's mind, after an adventure with Tigorr on an asteroid with Psion technology emulating Veloprian reproduction. She also tagged along with the Omega Men for many more missions.

During Invasion! the Alien Alliance led by the Dominators assaulted the Omega Men before they could interfere in their grand plans against humanity. Felicity was tragically killed by Durlans in a preemptive strike.[1]

While trying to stop Lady Styx from controlling all of the Heartstones, Felicity acquired one of them, came back to life, and asked that, in honor of a friend, she be called "Nimbus."[2]



  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • While officially possessing no powers, there was inference throughout Felicity's solo story in Omega Men #32 that she was also a "regressor" -- able to shapeshift into a ferocious, primitive feline form -- like Tigorr, although this was affected and controlled by the phases of Karna's moons. This resulted in a lycanthropic state in which she was not fully aware of her transformations, only noticing that periods of lost time as well as a general feeling of a seductive yet unwanted influence upon her. The only real evidence corroborating this theory is the appearance of a hunk of meat which Felicity did not remember buying turning up in her refrigerator after the latest victim was found to have a chunk of their flesh and tissue ripped from the body.
    Ultimately, a series of murders that occurred during this time were attributed to the bounty hunter Bedlam, who was stalking Felicity and had armed himself with a claw-like weapon that could have caused similar damage and markings. After this, Felicity left Karna, eventually reuniting with the Omega Men, and leaving behind the potential influence of her homworld's moons. This plot element was not picked up in her few reappearances prior to her death during the Invasion series.



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