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Felix is a social outcast, a status he shares with his friends Virgil, Rick, and Chuck, but is also friends with those of popular standing such as Frieda and Larry.

Like Virgil, Rick, and Chuck, Felix is heavily interested in science-fiction, fantasy games, and comic books. He is distinguished from his friends as being somewhat accident prone, as he is frequently seen with an injury of some sort (black eye, broken arm, etc.), which never goes unnoticed or unremarked by his friends. Likely due to this, Felix seems to have an overprotective mother, as it is said by Sharon that she does not let him out after a certain time and at one point, he was forbidden to go with his friends to an event at night. However, as he has been seen doing such a few times, she may have become more lenient.

Felix has a positive opinion of Static (like most youths in Dakota) and is attuned to the issues of his race, but is likely naive, as he actually supported the overzealous actions of Commando X despite the fact that they are lethal in nature.