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Quote1.png I am Felix Faust, the greatest evil wizard in the world! Quote2.png
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Felix Faust was a sorcerer and a longtime enemy of the Super Friends.

Wanted: the Super Friends

Using magical finger puppets, Faust forced the Super Friends to collect the Green Bell of Uthool, Red Jar of Calythos, and Silver Wheel of Nyorlath. Before arriving to his base; however, the Super Friends switched costumes, negating his commands. Faust ended up overloading the puppets, allowing the Super Friends to apprehend him.[1]

A Little Hocus Pocus

One morning, Felix Faust stole a mystic item and hid it on a pair of unsuspecting street magicians called Hocus and Pocus. He later confronted them, only for the due to summon the Super Friends. Their fight climaxed with Faust trying to turn them into frog, only to be turned into a frog himself.[2]





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