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Felix Faust is an evil sorcerer, father of Sebastian and Fauna Faust, and enemy of the Justice League Dark and A.R.G.U.S..[1]

The Black Room

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Felix Faust fights Constantine.

Becoming obsessed with finding the all-powerful Books of Magic, he learns that the damned sorcerer Nick Necro knew of locating the book. In order to free the sorcerer from his stay in hell, he would pledge his soul to a demon to allow the other sorcerer to escape. The pact granted him far greater power over his magic but cursed him to appeared more ghoulish. Teaming up with Nick Necro and Doctor Mist, the group attempted to use the Justice League Dark to seize the books but were inevitably outwitted by John Constantine.[2][1]

Forever Evil: Blight

After the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth, both Faust and Nick Necro were enlisted to help build their Thaumaton weapon powered by other occult beings including Black Orchid, Enchantress, Blue Devil, Sargon the Sorcerer, and Zatanna with the intent of using them to destroying an entity that destroyed their world. After a grevious battle at Nanda Parbat, Nick Necro and Faust were defeated again by the Justice League Dark.[1] The ordeal left Felix Faust powerless.[3]

Midnight and Apollo

Felix is approached by Henry Bendix at Oblivion Bar to be hired to kill Midnighter and Apollo. However, the sorcerer turns down his offer.[4]

Lords of Order

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Through unknown means, Felix Faust manage to regain his former appearance and lifted the ghoulish appearance given to him by the demonic bargain he had previously.

As the Otherkind began their attacks on other magicians and magical beings, Felix was among the victims in which most of his mind had been wiped. When visited by Zatanna and Wonder Woman, she used her magic and correctly guessed not all of his mind had vanished as he placed safeguards. When asked how to find Mordru, he gave them a single clue to his whereabouts: Papa Midnite.[5]




  • Vulnerability to Pure Magic: Felix is considered a "dark magician", making it impossible to manipulate magic from purer sources like that of Nanda Parbat's own within the land. Doing so requires a medium though a mistake in doing so is able to kill him.[13]



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