Felix Harmon, better known as the Gotham Butcher, was the Talon for the Court of Owls during the 1860s.

Known for his insatiable bloodlust and love for killing, he was deemed unfit for the Court, which is why they were forced to retire him.

Harmon was a part of Haly's Circus, which was how he was introduced to the Court in the first place, and therefore set in motion a serious of events which would lead to him becoming their "perfect" weapon to combat those who stood in the way of the Court of Owls.

He was later revived by the Court to hunt down and kill Calvin Rose.


  • Unique Physiology: For unknown reasons, Felix has a body out of the normal with a muscular mass bigger than any other human.
    • Superhuman Strength: Felix was able to snap a man's neck with relative ease as well as snap a woman's arm into pieces by squeezing.
    • Pain Resistance: Felix didn't feel pain while taking out the Court's bombs of behind of his eyes.
  • Accelerated Healing




Talon's suit.





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