Fell Andar is a soldier from the planet Thanagar and one of the prime architects of the Thanagarian "Shadow War" against Earth.

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  • Thanagarian Physiology: As a Thanagarian, Fell Andar possesses several gifts that are common to members of his race, but set him apart from normal humans. A Thanagarian's life span is significantly greater than that of a normal human being. At one-hundred years of age, a Thanagarian physically resembles a thirty-year-old Earth human.[1] Fell Andar is also physically heartier than the average Earth human. He is stronger, with greater stamina and a greater resistance to pain. Fell Andar also possess enhanced senses.
    • Enhanced Vision: Fell's eyesight is more acute than a normal human and his range of vision is similar to that of a bird.
    • Enhanced Hearing: Fell's auditory senses are also particularly acute and he can perceive sounds with greater clarity than the average human.


  • Absorbascon: An Absorbascon is a Thanagarian device that enables the user to perceive and interpret the mental impressions of others. If improperly used however, the Absorbascon can have a traumatic psychological effect on its wearer. Fell Andar forced one of his underlings, Rab Mekir, to use the Absorbascon in an effort to locate Thanagarian anti-gravity technology on Earth.
  • Dimensiometer: All members of Fell Andar's group were equipped with Dimensiometers similar to the one used by Carl Sands the Shadow Thief. The Dimensiometer enabled Fell Andar to transform from a three-dimensional being into a two-dimensional shadow. Through this, he was able to move about unobserved.


  • Thanagarian Star Cruiser: Fell used a Thanagarian Star Cruiser when he first came to Earth and later he stole the ship that belonged to Katar and Shayera Hol.


  • Palm Blaster: All members of Fell Andar's group were equipped with disintegrator blasters which were sewn into the palms of their gloves. The Blaster fired three beams of energy which merged into a single blast which could destroy an opponent with one shot.

  • This version of Fell Andar, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the reboot of Hawkman continuity as chronicled in the Hawkworld limited series and the Hawkworld ongoing title.
  • Stories involving Fell Andar were retroactively assigned to Earth-85 effectively eliminating the New Earth version of the character.



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