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The Female Furies are a group of warrior women who have been trained by Granny Goodness to serve Darkseid.


The Furies were brought up in Granny Goodness' Orphanage, though they have been known to recruit species from other planets, such as humans from Earth.

The founding members of the Female Furies were Aurelie, Big Barda, Lashina, Bernadeth, Stompa, and Mad Harriet. The lithe Aurelie was the first leader of the group[1], and was forced to accept the advances of the vile Willik until he was done with her and killed her with white-hot steel boots.[2]

Big Barda began to first doubt her place with the Furies when she saw Aurelie so cruelly murdered. Thus when Willik made advances to her, she and the other Furies shoved him into a literal black hole. Soon after, Big Barda left the Furies to be with her lover Mister Miracle on Earth, leaving both Lashina and Bernadeth contesting for leadership.

During the Darkseid War, the Furies agreed to assist Big Barda in defeating Darkseid's daughter Grail in exchange for Big Barda returning to the Furies's ranks.[3] Barda later left the group once again under unknown circumstances.

With Darkseid missing, Lex Luthor became ruler of Apokolips, forcing the Furies to retreat into the deadlands of Apokolips. There, the Furies briefly recruited Lois Lane into the group.[4] Along with Granny Goodness, the Furies plotted to conquer the main citadel of Apokolips, though they met resistance when Kalibak and his forces attacked.[5] When Superman joined the battle, Lois Lane turned on the Furies and helped defeat them. They were imprisoned on Apokolips after Superman took Lex Luthor's role as ruler.[6]

The Furies were freed under unknown circumstances after Darkseid resurfaced with Grail. They were now joined by Gilotina.[7] The group was sent on missions to collect mythical artifacts to restore Darkseid's power.[8] While searching for one artifact in Turkey, the Furies were ambushed by Steve Trevor and several A.R.G.U.S. agents after they discovered the plan from the imprisoned criminal Giganta. Steve and his soldiers managed to capture Lashina and Mad Harriet and drive off the others. The remaining Furies reported their failure back to Darkseid.[9]

While in captivity, Lashina and Mad Harriet were questioned by Wonder Woman, though they refused to answer. Believing them to be warriors of honor, Wonder Woman released them from their binds and prepared to battle them. While the two Furies had the advantage, the battle was cut short when Darkseid teleported A.R.G.U.S. headquarters to the Amazon Jungle.[10] In the ensuing battle, Darkseid was defeated and believed killed, and the Furies were taken into custody.[11]

At some unknown time later, Lashina, Bernadeth, Stompa, and Mad Harriet attended the birth of Jacob Free, the son of Big Barda and Mister Miracle. Bernadeth's Fahren-knife was the only tool able to free their child from Barda's indestructible umbilical cord. Mister Miracle thanked Bernadeth for her assistance, to which she replied she would kill him next time she saw him.[12]

For a short time, Granny Goodness thought to recruit Harley Quinn into the Female Furies. Harley adopted the name Hammer Harleen, though she was not accepted by the other Furies.[13] After repeated failures, Harley Quinn was ousted from the group and returned to Earth with former Fury Petite Tina.[14]


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