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Quote1.png Run, good people! Hide and tremble, for the wrath of the heaven is upon you! Quote2.png
Feng Po Impostor src

Feng Po and his fellow Gods where created by stolen Durlan technology from the Chinese Standing Committee for Metahuman Affairs by General Hu and Director of the Metahuman Defence Agency of Taiwan Ma Saihung in secret to take over China.

The Gods where unaware that they where only created as a distraction as the real treat to China was assembled within the Gobi Desert: a second Terracotta Army.

When the faithful in Lhasa, Tibet where made "aware" of the real gods return they gathered only to be put down by the Chinese Super-functionaries the Great Ten the Gods appeared and by the Jade Emperor's decree he sentences them all to death for there crimes against the faithful. And seem to dominate the startled Super-Functionaries. Only when Vice Premier Jiang was about to nuke the place to ensure its country safety, the Gods safely teleported away taking Celestial Archer (who sworn a oath to serve the gods of old) with them.

A short while thereafter he and his comrades invaded the the main cities of China. his target Shanghai. There the God of Wind clashed with Super-Functionary Immortal Man in Darkness (Chen Nuo). Chen Nou's living spaceship the Dragonwing refused to harm the Wind God. As she felt a kinship toward there adversary. But this kinship was only the Durlan DNA fabricated within Feng Po. To retaliate Chen Nuo called the whole flock of Dragonwings, realizing he was vastly outnumbered Feng Po turned tail and ran only to die in the crossfire of 10 Durlanships. His lifeless the corpse hit the ground and was secured by the Great Ten.

Feng Po's death hit its fellow Gods hard as they started to question there immortality. The Jade Emperor only scoffed claiming Feng Po was only captured and its demise fabricated on television.