Quote1 Admit it, Baixi! I'm stronger than you! I'm faster and smarter! Admit that I deserve to be the Bat-Man of China and I'll let you waddle out of here alive! Quote2
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Feng Rongpei was the top Gold-level cadet at the Academy of the Bat, one of the three training centers for agents of the Ministry of Self-Reliance.

Rongpei was at one time best friends with fellow cadet Wang Baixi, but their relationship gave way to a bitter rivalry after the latter was appointed the Bat-Man of China by the Ministry. Prior to the Academy's lunar new year's vacation, a confrontation between the former comrades prompted Baixi to challenge Rongpei to a duel. If Baixi won, Rongpei would have to leave the Academy; if Rongpei emerged the victor, he would inherit the cowl of Bat-Man.[1]

Rongpei and Baixi engaged in a heated battle within the Academy's Gotham Arena. Rongpei held an early edge in the match, thanks to the trickery of Alpaca, but Baixi ultimately persevered and claimed victory. Once more denied the mantle of Bat-Man to which he felt so entitled, Rongpei demanded to be given the cowl, threatening to kill Schoolmaster O otherwise. Baixi utilized a sleeping gas bomb to thwart the ploy, however, and Rongpei's dream of becoming the Bat-Man of China was forever dashed.[2]

Following his expulsion from the Academy, Rongpei was taken to the Crab Shell, the Ministry-operated prison for metahumans. It was here that Rongpei was introduced to the super-steroid Venom and used it to transform himself into a hulking powerhouse. Rongpei, along with a host of super-villains, was later freed from the Crab Shell by Emperor Super-Man. Sporting a fearsome mask, his muscles engorged with Venom, Rongpei began terrorizing the streets of Shanghai under his new persona--Anathema.[3]


  • Venom Usage
    • Superhuman Strength: Enhanced by Venom, Anathema was able to lift a van over his head and hurl it with ease. Additionally, he incapacitated Wang Baixi with a single punch.[3]




  • Anathema is an analogue of the Batman villain Bane.
  • Rongpei was ranked second in the Academy of the Bat's aptitude challenge. He beat out Wang Baixi (third), but placed behind Wang Jiali (first).[2]



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