Fennec Fox was a friend of Mother Panic.

Rosie was one of many children kidnapped for the purposes of making "art" by Gala. After being saved by Mother Panic, Rosie was returned to her parents relatively unharmed. A villain known as Remains tracked her down, as he believed that forcing victims of trauma to experience more pain would make them stronger. This caused him to kill Rosie's parents in front of her, orphaning her and leaving her in the care of the state. Mother Panic eventually apprehended Remains, causing Rosie to view her as a hero.

Later, she was attacked by villains a third time when agents of the multiversal organization Retconn kidnapped her, in an attempt to make her one of "Father Bruce's" many Robins. After being saved by Mother Panic for a third time, she joined Mother Panic in the assault on Retconn before being stranded in the possible future of Gotham A.D., still operating in the identity given to her by Retconn, "Fennec Fox".


  • Weaponry: Rosie has shown skill with knives following her experience with Retconn.

  • Despite her youth, Rosie has a tendency to swear, as well as a desire to kill evil people. Both are probably a result of surviving successive traumatic experiences at such a young age.



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