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Quote1.png My real name no longer matters. Once I was a Carib Indian but it was as the pirate Captain Fear that I was known... and damned. Quote2.png
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Centuries ago, Fero was a simple Carib Indian. After being enslaved by Spaniards, he led a revolt and became a pirate known as Captain Fear.

He vowed to treat the Spaniards as he was treated by them. One day he agreed to join forces with another pirate, Baron Hemlocke. The two men led an attack on the Spanish town of San Bartolemo, and Hemlocke proceeded to slaughter all in his path. After the raid, the two ships were separated in a storm. When Captain Fear finally arrived at their rendezvous point, he saw Baron Hemlocke's ship pulling out of the cove. Fear later learned that his wife and unborn child where killed by Hemlocke, and he vowed revenge.

Later, while at sea, Captain Fear and his crew came across a strange ship, only to discover that it was a ghostly double of themselves. The ghostly Captain Fear said "Go back," and then the ship moved on. But Fear ignored the advice, and his ship soon came under attack by Baron Hemlocke.

Captain Fear decapitated Hemlocke, but when he returned to his ship he found that his crew had turned into zombies. Hemlocke's head began to speak and told Fear that he had made a deal with the devil: he would be reborn. Because he had vowed to not rest until Hemlocke's soul was in Hell, Captain Fear was doomed to wander the seas forever.

In the 20th Century, the two met again, but Hemlocke was reincarnated as "Richard Yount." The Spectre became involved with this battle, and tore Hemlocke's head off.[1]

Realizing that the cycle would be repeated, Captain Fear sailed back to the Bermuda Triangle to wait for Hemlocke's return.



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