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Ferrian was one of the first of the near immortal Kherubim to come to the Earth.

He served as the First Knight and chief advisor to Lord S'lyton, the Kherubim ruler of Atlantis. His race had been fighting a long and bitter war against the Daemonites, assisted by their allies, the D'rahn. Judging that they were gaining the upper hand in the conflict, and that their allies might one day be an even bigger threat, the Kherubim used borrowed D'rahn technology to destroy the D'rahn home-world. In retaliation the D'rahn launched an assault on Atlantis. Ferrian felt unable to take up arms against them, feeling his people had been wrong to betray those who had fought alongside them. As a result he became considered a traitor by his own race.

When S'lyton gave up his own life to imprison the D'rahn, Ferrian took his former lord's orphaned son Marc and raised the boy. Once Marc was old enough to look for himself Ferrian dropped out of sight. Years later, when Marc was recruiting operatives for WildCore to battle the newly returned D'rahn threat, he located Ferrian living in South Africa, and convinced him to return to the fight.

When Lord Emp was assembling the WildC.A.T.s, he attempted to recruit Ferrian, but Ferrian made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the Kherubim war with the Daemonites. When Azrum, Zealot, and Marc Slayton went to recruit Ferrian to battle the D'rahn, Ferrian was hesitant but agreed to help them. Ferrian joined Wildcore and aided their efforts to stop the D'rahn, including joining forces with the Kherubim Lord Majestros.

Ferrian was with Zealot's team when she was sent to rescue Azrum in the Himalayas. Unfortunately, shortly after finding Azrum, the team was captured by Tapestry. Shortly after, Ferrian and the rest of Wildcore were flung into a parallel reality. Ferrian alone was responsible for assembling the brainwashed members of Wildcore, being the only one to partially regain his memory. He fought in the final battle with Tapestry and returned to Earth with the rest of the team.

Ferrian was with the team when they went to stop the breakout at Purgatory Max. He was ambushed by a large group of inmates and believed killed during the mission.


Kherubim Physiology: Kherubim resemble humans in appearance, but are physically far stronger and more durable and extremely long-lived, nearly immortal. However an evolutionary drawback to their near-immortality is that Kherans are almost infertile, only very rarely will a Kheran produce offspring. This effect is seen in real world natural environments, as longer living organisms will have fewer offspring than organisms with short lifespans. This is a natural check against overpopulation.

  • Immortality: As a Kheran, Ferrian possesses virtual immortality. His race is extremely long lived and he has been on Earth for literally the whole of human civilization and is showing no sign of growing old anytime soon. He is for all intents and purposes virtually immortal.
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Superhuman Durability: As a Kheribum he is very tough and durable. A regular bullet and gun will not adequately harm him and his skin could be considered super hard and dense to a normal human. He for example, can be harmed by armor piercing bullets, but for comparison's sake. To fight Ferrian is to fight someone who literally will not stop unless torn limb from limb.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a Kheran, Ferrian is naturally stronger then a normal human. He can lift/press up to ten tons of weight with effort and in addition to this, knows how to best apply his strength.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Ferrian has a very high level of endurance. So much so that the phrase 'takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' applies only all to well to him. To harm Ferrian is not to beat him. To kill him is to beat him because his body and will are so strong, he will continue to try and fight even against overwhelming odds and when pain wracks every portion of his form. As a note, this is not invulnerability; it is simply a very high pain threshold.

Psychometry: He has psychometric abilities, allowing him to lift information and impressions from things with a touch.


  • Ferrian became the foster parent to Backlash (Marc Slayton) after the destruction of Atlantis, teaching him everything he knew to enable Marc to survive on his own.