The Ferryman is a "death eater" who often preys on the dying to fuel his hunger. He was an enemy of Stormwatch P.H.D.

Originally an enemy of the mystic Jeremiah Cain, he was involved in a post-human conflict between Stormwatch Prime and a group of post-human gangsters following an interrupted meeting with Lord Defile. during this conflict, Ferryman was only defeated when Jeremiah Cain's student Black Betty had him exposed to a maternity ward where new births greatly weaken an avatar of death, forcing him to retreat. Ferryman was later tracked down by Stormwatch PHD in which he was again defeated by Black Betty and banished to where he came from.


  • Necrotic Empowerment: The Ferryman is capable of stealing energy by separating souls from their bodies which grants him various mystical powers.



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