Fillmore Graves Enterprises is an international private paramilitary group.


Fillmore Graves Enterprises is an international private paramilitary group.

After its founder Harrison Graves was turned into a zombie, the organization decided to harness zombies and quickly built their entire orgnaization on them. After his death, Graves' widow, Vivian Stoll, worked to set up a "Zombie Island", where the zombies could live in peace, near the Washington coast, and sey up operations in Seattle. Stoll was killed by her assistant Carey Gold, who feared that the island made them a sitting duck once their existence was revealed to the world. She also set a plan B in motion.

Chase Graves, Harrison's brother, took command. Gold had created a deadly virus outbreak that would supply the organization with brains. Graves killed Gold, but was forced to follow a plan he never favored. So instead of killing the 10,000 citizens of Seattle, he had his soldiers taint the vaccines and turn them into zombies instead. He hoped he could hold the city at ransom and demand that 10& of the US population would donate their brains after their death. Instead, the US government walled off the city.

With a severe brain shortage as well as a growing zombie population, Graves became more autocratic. He enforced the summary execution of any zombie who scratched a human, including smuggler Mama Leone, and shut down critical news media. He also had to deal with both corruption and hard liners in his own organization, and the hard liners eventually took over.


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