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The final Bruce Wayne was from the Dark Multiverse, having been imbued with powers like that of Doctor Manhattan.

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Before transformation

This Bruce Wayne after coming into contact with Comedian's Button, found that it gave off a powerful and strange energy. He decided to reproduce the energy he encountered and built an intrinsic field generator for the purpose, but his experiment didn't go as planned. As he went inside it to examine what had gone wrong, the Batman Who Laughs, who had been watching him secretly, shut the door of the machine and turned it on. Bruce disintegrated but after months put himself back together, having gained the power of Doctor Manhattan. Laughs lobotomized him using an energy knife while he was disoriented and kept him hidden from everyone else.[1]

His existence was however revealed by Laughs to his Dark Knights when he helped Perpetua take over the reality, so he can be used as a contingency. The Dark Knight Batmage allowed into the regular Multiverse by Batmage per Laughs' plan after he was killed by Wonder Woman.[2] The Dark Knights and the various Alfreds later had his brain replaced with that of Batman Who Laughs, in order to bring him back to life and give him nearly unlimited power.[3]


Other Characteristics

  • His origin and state of being is identical to that of Doctor Manhattan, down to the same exact machine and disaster that resulted in Osterman's transformation, making him an amalgam of Batman and Dr. Manhattan, following the tradition of the Dark Knights being corrupted amalgamations of Batman and other heroes of the DC Universe.
    • Like the mainstream Doctor Manhattan, Bruce has the scientific symbol of a hydrogen atom marked on his forehead. The reason for it to appear on Bruce is unclear, due to it being a personal choice of Osterman. It is possible that The Batman Who Laughs did it after lobotomizing Bruce as a form of mockery of the original Doctor.
  • He is referred to as "Bat-Manhattan Who Laughs" at the end of the Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 by those who worked on it.
    • Batman Who Laughs calls him Batmanhattan.[1]



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