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"Book Two": Shikari leads the second Legion of Super-Heroes through Limbo, sensing that she has finally found a path to freedom. Back in the normal universe, White Witch is chained

Quote1.png Oh, just watch this, okay? You're about to see Legionnaires die in ways you've never seen before. Quote2.png
Superboy Prime

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #2 is an issue of the series Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2008.

Synopsis for "Book Two"

Shikari leads the second Legion of Super-Heroes through Limbo, sensing that she has finally found a path to freedom. Back in the normal universe, White Witch is chained up on Sorcerers' World. The Witch has visions of her alternate universe relative Dreamer and Shikari. Dreamer sees visions of the third Legion of Super-Heroes, and the gravesite of their Dream Girl. The Witch also sees Superboy-Prime making his own Legion Flight Rings with an "S" carved into them using heat vision. The Time Trapper appears briefly and stops White Witch from tapping into her sister's visions, insisting that she will not interfere with tomorrow. Blok, Dawnstar and Wildfire arrive to rescue her. She warns the group that in her visions she saw Legions dying and a new Legion rising. Rond Vidar battles Mordru outside the castle, and the Legionnaires arrive to help. White Witch swears that Mordru will pay even if she has to delve into the black arts. Mordru calls on the skeletons of those who have died by pain and torture at his hand, including Dragonmage, Evillo, and Glorith. Dawnstar looks for a way to escape, and finds that all pathways are suddenly cut off. Superboy-Prime descends onto the planet with his new Legion of Super-Villains. They invite him to join their Legion, and Prime explains that he's gonna see Legionnaires die in ways he's never seen before.

Back at Legion Headquarters in Metropolis, Lightning Lad argues with Superman over whether or not Prime can be redeemed. Lightning Lad, Shrinking Violet, and Timber Wolf discuss breaking the Legion code to kill him if they need to. Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lass, and Polar Boy angrily refuse considering this option.

Rond Vidar tries to protect the other Legionnaires with an energy barrier, rapidly draining his power ring. White Witch has just enough strength to open a portal home. Rond Vidar insists on staying behind to stall the villains, forcing everyone else through the portal. Persuader slices through Rond Vidar's barrier with his Atomic Axe. Prime tells Rond how much he hates Green Lanterns.

The Legionnaires continue to argue. Lightning Lad lashes out at Cosmic Boy for constantly taking the position of team leader. Cosmic Boy throws him back furiously, explaining that he takes the position so Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl can have a life together. Cosmic Boy has given up his life and relationships so his friends don't have to. Blok, Dawnstar, and Wildfire arrive in Legion Headquarters. They desperately try to open another portal to save Rond, but White Witch is too weak.

Rond Vidar fights valiantly, but he's beaten down by ever member of the Legion of Super-Villains. Saturn Queen brings him to his knees using her telepathic powers. Prime prepares to execute Rond, but Saturn Queen insists that Rond's father Universo be given a chance to speak. Universo explains that he does not care about the boy, he just wants the power ring that is rightfully his. Prime snaps Rond Vidar's neck, and White Witch feels his death all the way back on Earth. His corpse is thrown to the surface. Universo laments that Rond never joined him, as they could have ruled together, and hopes that Rond's son will fare better. The power ring flies into space looking for a replacement sentient, and Universo is furious that it escapes his grasp. Mordru attacks Prime for letting White Witch away, and Prime laughs that his magic tickles. Cosmic King and Lightning Lord tell Mordru that if he joins the Legion of Super-Villains, they will eradicate the Legion of Super-Heroes and he will have White Witch to himself. Their Legion is a temporary alliance with competing factions such as the Fatal Five and the Justice League, but they are united by a common goal.

Back on Earth, Dawnstar senses that the Legion of Super-Villains are coming straight for them. The Legion is still down a dozen members, but Brainiac 5 produces his Lightning Rod and explains that they have contingency plans. He intends to show the universe how smart he really is.

The power ring is unable to locate a replacement sentient. It returns to Oa and powers down. There is a solitary figure who grabs the ring and places it into a giant pile of unused rings. The figure laments missing Mogo and the rest of his friends.

Brainiac 5 takes Phantom Girl and White Witch to the Secret Sanctuary in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. This is the secret headquarters of the original Justice League, and they grab the Crystal Ball used during the event Crisis on Earth-One. Brainiac 5 describes this as "a sphere made up of the crystallized nexus of all Earths from all parallel universes." He believes that it will allow them to contact other worlds. Brainiac sends Dawnstar, Polar Boy, and Wildfire on a secret mission to the 20th Century as the Legion Espionage Squad. Mon-El and Shadow Lass are sent to recover Rond Vidar's body and take it to Oa. Superman leads the remaining Legionnaires into battle against the Legion of Super-Villains.

White Witch uses the crystal ball to summon two Legion from other worlds, who she describes as a Legion Lost and a Legion far more important to all this than she believed. They call every member of both Legions, but the crystal ball explodes in the process. This leaves them with no way to send either Legion home. Brainiac 5 gathers the parallel Legionnaires and explains that they might not remember it, but they have met before. The third Brainiac 5 asks why they should listen to an adult, and the second Brainiac 5 tells him to show his elders respect. They bicker while the original Brainiac 5 tries to organize the groups.

Sun Boy sees the battle's fire from his apartment, but continues wallowing and drinking alcohol. Prime fights Superman with the Legion of Super-Heroes losing, and announces that he will burn a giant "S" into the Earth itself. He insists that the "S" is his symbol now.

Mon-El and Shadow Lass arrive at Oa, where they see the remains of the Central Power Battery. The solitary figure seen earlier asks who disturbs the resting site of the Green Lantern Corps. This man is revealed as Sodam Yat, who has survived to the 30th Century as the last of the Guardians of the Universe. Brainiac 5 sent Mon-El to ask him for help, as they are both Daxamites.

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