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"Book Three": Sodam Yat cremates Rond Vidar on Oa, taking solace that this is the last time he must bury an officer of the Corps. Yat explains that they cannot call new Green Lanterns as their moral

Quote1.png Did you notice there's no "Gates" on this world? I suspect these speciesists are against non-humanoid lifeforms. Quote2.png

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3 is an issue of the series Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2009. It was published on February 4, 2009.

Synopsis for "Book Three"

Sodam Yat cremates Rond Vidar on Oa, taking solace that this is the last time he must bury an officer of the Corps. Yat explains that they cannot call new Green Lanterns as their moral compass Mogo is dead, and any guidance Yat could give would be tainted by his own sins. Mon-El asks Sodam Yat to help them fight his old enemy Superboy-Prime. Yat refuses as he is no longer a warrior, but Mon-El convinces him with a speech about fear. Sodam Yat charges his many power rings in the Central Power Battery and swears that the Green Lantern Corps will live again. Back on Earth, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Super-Villains battle. Superboy-Prime announces that Metropolis is going to burn, starting with the Daily Planet. Superman takes Prime away from the battle to try and remind him of his home and his girlfriend Laurie Lemmon on Earth-Prime. This only infuriates Prime, who screams at Superman not to call him Clark. Prime shoots heat vision through Superman's hand and escapes his hold. Neutrax disables Invisible Kid's powers, allowing Lazon to hit him. Doctor Regulus demands the corpse of Sun Boy. Saturn Girl shuts off Neutrax to stop him from disabling their powers, and they fall back to the Daily Planet.

The Justice League of Earth attacks the United Planets on behalf of the Human Supremacist Movement. Karate Kid II bravely defends the Earthgov President from Tusker, but is incinerated by Radiation Roy. The President pleads for his life and is saved by Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, who he had just deemed obsolete. Ol-Vir crashes Colossal Boy through the roof. Mordru searches for the White Witch, and releases an army of Shadow Demons. Blok absorbs them, and Night Girl grows stronger from destroying them. Despite their efforts, the heroes begin falling in battle. The Legion of Super-Villains begins burning down every statue on the Avenue of Heroes, but Superman reveals that he has reinforcements.

Brainiac 5 leads every member of the second Legion of Super-Heroes and third Legion of Super-Heroes into battle. M'Onel and Andromeda are happy to see Kal-El again. Saturn Girl and Saturn Girl shut down Saturn Queen, remarking that her cynical worldview is a sign of weakness. The Legion are also shocked to see a Karate Kid and Karate Kid who are still alive. Ultra Boy is thrilled to see three Phantom Girls at the same time, and the alternate universe Phantom Girls remark on how hot he is grown up. Earth-Man and Ol-Vir bicker about racism, and Ferro crashes Golden Boy into them. Ol-Vir boasts that he can bend iron, so Ferro turns into lead and defeats him. Live Wire defeats Earth-Man, and introduces himself to Lightning Lad. Brainiac 5 approaches Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, explaining that this is only stage one of his plan. He needs every lightning wielder for stage two to activate his Lightning Rod. Gates helps them teleport around the Legion of Super-Villains, while complaining about this universe's lack of government integrity.

Dawnstar, Polar Boy and Wildfire travel back to Smallville in the 20th Century as the Legion Espionage Squad. They visit the house of a young Lex Luthor arguing with his father Lionel Luthor. Polar Boy remarks that this is the day Lex Luthor started losing his hair, and they steal a strand from his pillow.

Gates and the Brainiac 5s take the lightning wielders to Legion Headquarters. Using his Lightning Rod, Brainiac 5 helps Live Wire transmute to his original body so he's no longer trapped in Element Lad's body. Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass lament that they don't hug like Live Wire and Spark. Brainiac 5 explains to XS that she was not born on Earth-247 with the rest of her Legion, she was born on Earth-0 with his. He explains the original Legion of 3 Worlds event, as his superior intelligence made him the only one able to remember it. Her mother was Dawn Allen of the Tornado Twins, who sought refuge from Professor Zoom on a parallel world. Dawn and Don Allen took their spouses Jeven Ognats and Meloni Thawne to Earth-247. Zoom sabotaged the Cosmic Treadmill and the explosion tore open the Multiverse, bringing together three Legions from different worlds and different times. They battled Professor Zoom and his 25th Century speed soldiers, but were left stranded on an unknown parallel Earth. The Brainiacs redesigned Starman's uniform to act as a map to the Multiverse. His gravity powers allowed them to open up black holes sending everyone to their proper universe, except for the Tornado Twins and their families who stayed hidden on Earth-247. The third Brainiac 5 questions how they can be from a parallel Earth if they've interacted with Supergirl, and it's explained that time travel shifted them through the Multiverse.

Andromeda, M'Onel, Superman, and the Cosmic Boys use their powers to tear off Superboy-Prime's armor. This makes him vulnerable to red sunlight. The third Legion's Sun Boy attacks Prime with red sunlight, but Prime quickly freezes his head and shatters it. The original Legion's Sun Boy feels a pain in his chest when this happens, as he is still at home dealing with PTSD and the apparent loss of his powers. Prime angrily flies through the Legion until Mon-El arrives with Sodam Yat, who catches him his power rings. Shadow Lass and Umbra use their darkness powers to drain him of solar energy. The Fatal Five begin attacking Legion headquarters with Prime incapacitated.

Brainiac 5 has XS run on a Cosmic Treadmill while the lightning wielders give her energy. Prime realizes what they are doing with the Lightning Rod, and flies straight through their force-shields to try and stop them. He is too late to stop them from pulling another speedster out of the Speed Force. XS collapses and it's revealed that they have brought her cousin Kid Flash back from the dead.

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  • The Oath that Sodam Yat gives at the beginning of this issue contains aspects of the Sinestro Corps oath.

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