In the higher dimension of the Fourth World, there was a vast cosmic war between forces of ultimate good and evil. A war that ultimately ended when the forces of evil gained control of the Anti-Life Equation which can destroy free will. With this, Darkseid won, and in his victory, the survivors on b


Quote1 There was a war in heaven, Mr. Turpin. And I won. Your future belongs to Dark Side now. Quote2
Boss Dark Side


In the higher dimension of the Fourth World, there was a vast cosmic war between forces of ultimate good and evil. A war that ultimately ended when the forces of evil gained control of the Anti-Life Equation which can destroy free will. With this, Darkseid won, and in his victory, the survivors on both sides fell through reality, landing on New Earth just before the Infinite Crisis. From here, Darkseid consolidated his position, possessing a mobster named Boss Dark Side and uniting the evil gods of the Fourth World. The good gods could not fight him.

Building his position, Darkseid began using his godly power to alter reality, subtly removing the positive effects of the Fourth Worlds: as a result, Bruno Mannheim founded a cult dedicated to the evil of the Fourth World. Metron, a scientist connected to the Fourth World, fought Darkseid's actions across time and space: convincing "Mister Miracle", an escape artist, to take the role of the spirit of freedom; inspiring Anthro with "fire and knowledge". But it was not enough - Darkseid's evil was spreading over the universe like a shadow.

After the villains escaped from the prison planet, Darkseid sent Libra to lead them in the preaching of his word. Taking control of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, he transformed it into something resembling a terrorist organization. When the time was right, Darkseid arranged the death of Orion. It was only then that the heroes of Earth realised that something might be amiss. As their leading lights were picked off, the heroes united to fight them... but it was too late. Darkseid's followers spread the Anti-Life Equation across the world, taking control of everything. Worse, the Dread Lord's presence was destroying space and time around him, which could in turn destroy the multiverse. However, there is one hero no-one could have predicted... Barry Allen, the second Flash.

At the same time, Superman, along with a number of alternate "Supermen", was called away to help the Monitors deal with the threat of Monitor Dax Novu, a fallen monitor who had become Mandrakk the Dark Monitor. To his horror, Superman discovered that Mandrakk's fall was because he had fully embraced his nature: the Monitors were celestial parasites who fed off the Bleed, and Mandrakk sought to feed off the multiverse itself. Superman was able to defeat Mandrakk, but Monitor Rox Ogama, who had conspired with Mandrakk and banished Monitor Nix Uotan to Earth, simply assumed his mantle. Superman dispatched Captain Marvel of Earth-5 to gather all the Supermen of the 52 to form a force which would be able to defeat Mandrakk. Superman was then called by the Legion of Super-Heroes to deal with Superboy-Prime, but the Legion were unable to return Superman to his time period until after Darkseid's rebirth. Recognizing that a desperate course was needed to deal with Darkseid, Brainiac 5 showed Superman schematics for the Miracle Machine.

On an Earth overwhelmed, the last remaining superheroes worked with Checkmate to try to turn the tide against Darkseid. Although they made progress in the battle of Bludhaven, Darkseid assumed full control over the people enslaved by the Anti-Life Equation. In his dungeons, Nix Uotan remembered the name of his lost lover, Weeja Dell, restoring his monitor powers, while Metron, also a prisoner, reactivated his Mother Box. Learning of Darkseid's presence on Earth, the Guardians of the Universe sent a team of Green Lanterns under Hal Jordan to eliminate Darkseid.

However, Darkseid had underestimated the resolve of Batman. Recognizing Darkseid's existence as a threat, Batman made a once-in-a-lifetime exception and used a gun to fire the radion bullet Darkseid had used to kill Orion. Darkseid was hit with the radion bullet, but not before he unleashed the Omega Sanction, the "death that is life", upon Batman. Superman then returned to New Earth, breaking through Darkseid's forces and finding what appeared to be Batman's corpse. As Darkseid prepared to kill his old enemy, Barry Allen and Wally West lead the Black Racer to Darkseid, who took his soul. Superman allied with the Secret Society under Lex Luthor and Doctor Sivana, managing to break the Anti-Life Equation's hold over Wonder Woman, who in turn bound Darkseid's corpse with the Lasso of Truth, breaking the Equation's hold over the people of Earth.

Forced to miniaturize and place the people of Earth into cryogenic stasis, Superman set about building a Miracle Machine to reverse the damage done by Darkseid. Mandrakk then returned to take his revenge, as the Supermen appeared to hold him off while Nix Uotan's restores the humanity and powers of the Zoo Crew (then trapped as ordinary animals) to be reinforcements, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns arrived and killed Mandrakk. Superman then used a sample of Element X to fuel the Miracle Machine, restoring New Earth to its proper place. Recognizing that he and his fellow monitors were too dangerous to be allowed to continue, Nix Uotan banished himself and his kind throughout the multiverse, again separating himself from Weeja Dell. As Earth began the long process of recovery, the people of Earth were left with the knowledge of the multiverse.

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  • A recurring theme throughout the book is "fire," and what it means for humanity. As of yet, it is unknown what pivotal role it will play, but fire appears in the following places:
  • Grant Morrison has stated that he chose to use the unpopular villain "The Human Flame," because "The name was just so great, "the Human Flame," in a story about evil coming to Earth…and snuffing out "the Human Flame"."[2]
  • In the beginning of "Final Crisis #1," the first thing we're shown is Anthro receiving the gift of fire from Metron.
  • Immediately afterwards, Dan Turpin gives a small speech about how fire was our first big mistake as a species. "Like everythin' else the sad, stinkin' human race ever thought of. We take a good idea. And we use it to kill ourselves." Turpin is smoking at the time.
  • The Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz's weakness is fire. He is murdered by Libra, who stabs him through the chest with his flaming scales trident.
  • Element X, the substance Superman uses to power the Miracle Machine, is described as the "fire of the Fourth World."
  • NRAMA: Speaking of Superman Beyond – how does the timeline work between Beyond, Final Crisis and Legion of 3 Worlds?
  • GM: The Monitrix Zillo Valla recruits Superman’s help in Final Crisis #3 which leads into Superman Beyond #1 and 2, both of which happen in the space between Lois’ final heartbeats. He returns to save her in Beyond #2, only to be contacted by the Legion of Super-Heroes to deal with an emergency in the 31st Century – as seen in Legion of 3 Worlds #1. Normally, the Legion is able to return him to his own time an instant after he left, so naturally he feels secure quitting Earth after saving Lois. After his encounter with Superboy Prime in LO3W, however, he returns late to Final Crisis #6, to find time has crashed, Darkseid rules the world and Batman is dead. Oops.



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